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Examples of "carpay"
Franciscus Hubertus Johannes "Frank" Carpay (13 July 1917 – 12 September 1985) was a New Zealand designer.
Museum of New Zealand "Te Papa Tongarewa", Biography of Frank Carpay, accessed 24/11/20
"Considering Frank Carpay" by Louis Le Vailant, Art New Zealand, Issue 109
Carpay developed his screenprinting business "Frank Carpay Designs Limited" and branched out into beach towels and beach wear printing onto white towelling. When a shipment of imported fabric was found to be faulty in the early 1970s the business was unable to survive, and he returned to design commissions.
Carpay established his own small commercial pottery in Tegelen. The business was not successful, and he returned to work as a graphic designer.
Frank Carpay died in 1985. In 2000 his wife donated an extensive collection of ceramics, textiles, drawings and prints to the Hawke's Bay Museum.
While unemployed Carpay had written to John Allum, the Mayor of Auckland, New Zealand, asking for the name of a pottery where he could find work. This letter was passed to Tom Clark of Crown Lynn who was developing a "Specials Department" and actively recruiting. Carpay arrived in 1953 and joined other artisans including Mirek Smisek and Ernest Shufflebotham. The intent of the "Specials Department" was to produce more upmarket works from Crown Lynn's existing commercial production-line wares. Carpay began to use his existing ideas on numerous readymade production line blanks. These one-off designs were meant to go into wider production as part of the "Handwerk" range but although his work was accepted into art society exhibition and was critically acclaimed the designs were not well received by consumers. In 1956 Carpay was laid off.
After leaving the company in 1950 he travelled to the south of France where he met Pablo Picasso and worked at the Madoura Pottery in Valauris, France in 1950. At Picasso's insistence, Carpay met with two other pottery decorators, Roger Capron and Roger Picault, also working in Vallauris.
The museum's collection is held in trust by the Hawke's Bay Museums Trust, Ruawharo Tā-ū-rangi. The fine arts collection includes works by national figures such as Rita Angus, Roland Hipkins, Jenny Campbell, Avis Higgs, Frank Carpay, Joan Trollope and Walter Bowring.
Carpay remained in New Zealand and tried to obtained graphic design related work. Unable to do so he exhibited paintings, gave pottery decorating demonstrations and completed mural commissions. Carpay also taught at Howick District High School. The art equipment and resources of the school allowed him to develop his screen-printing techniques in the late 1950s and he began to work in fabric design and printing. He established a screen printing studio in his basement and started with placemats inspired by Maori rock drawings. In doing so he joined a number of other artists also using these motifs as artistic inspiration at the time including Theo Schoon, A. R. D. Fairburn and Gordon Walters.
The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) is a Canadian non-profit legal organization based in Calgary specializing in Canadian constitutional law, specifically in interpretations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The organization was founded in 2010 by John Carpay, a former provincial director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation representing Alberta and a former candidate of the federal Reform Party and provincial Wildrose Party.
The JCCF publishes a yearly report authored by John Carpay and Michael Kennedy which purports to rate Canadian universities and student's unions on their adherence to the principles of freedom of speech. The annual report gives grades to universities and students' unions based on JCCF's opinion of the strength of their principles and procedures regarding freedom of speech as well as, in a different category, rating them based on their actions regarding freedom of speech.
Keynote speakers at the society’s Annual General Meetings have included "Globe and Mail" columnist Margaret Wente, "National Post" columnist Barbara Kay, Canadian Association of University Teachers executive director James Turk, National Association of Scholars presidents Stephen Balch and Peter Wood, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education presidents Alan Kors and Greg Lukianoff, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms president John Carpay, Canadian Constitution Foundation litigation director Karen Selick, York University historian Jack Granatstein and Concordia University rector and vice-chancellor Frederick Lowy.
John Williamson, the CTF’s former Federal Director, was a Member of Parliament for the riding of New Brunswick Southwest until 2015 Adrienne Batra, the CTF’s former Manitoba Director is now the Toronto Sun’s editor-in-chief and previously worked as press secretary to then Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. John Carpay, the organization’s former Alberta Director is now President of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. Mark Milke, the CTF’s former Alberta and BC Director is now a Senior Fellow with the Fraser Institute. David Maclean, the CTF’s former Saskatchewan Director is now Vice President with the Alberta Enterprise Group.
He was trained by Keith Murray, a New Zealand-born ceramic designer, while at Wedgwood in England. He developed into a skilled thrower and was a key interpreter of Murray's designs. In 1948 Shufflebotham was brought to New Zealand by Crown Lynn along with a number of other designers including Frank Carpay to work in the company's 'Specials Department'. He was employed to produce more upmarket works that would expand the market for Crown Lynn ceramics. He was one of the few professional throwers in New Zealand during the period from his arrival in 1948 to his departure in 1957.
Politicians with roots in the federation include Conservative Party Member of Parliament Jason Kenney, who had previously been the federation's CEO. Former Alberta Director and National Research Director Derek Fildebrandt is the Wildrose Shadow Minister of Finance and the MLA for Strathmore-Brooks. Former Alberta director John Carpay was a Reform Party candidate in the riding of Burnaby-Kingsway in the 1993 federal election. Walter Robinson, CTF federal director from 1998 to 2004, left the position to run as a Conservative in the 2004 federal election in Ottawa-Orléans.
In the late 1940s and early 1950s Tom Clark recruited experienced staff from England and Europe to work in the newly formed Crown Lynn Specials Department. New equipment was purchased which enabled a more extensive range to be developed. This new range included tea sets, art pottery and salad ware, and utilised a variety of decorative techniques such as monogram printing, band brushing and lining. At the same time the factory laboratory discovered that the use of a halloysitic clay from Matauri Bay helped increased the fired whiteness of the body. This enabled Crown Lynn to mass-produce tableware decorated with transfers, and coloured tableware. This discovery virtually saved the firm, as the recent revaluation of the pound had made it very difficult for companies to export overseas. The intent of the "Specials Department" was to produce more upmarket works from Crown Lynn's existing commercial production-line wares in order to compete with the Royal Doulton works that were being imported into New Zealand. Tom Clark, hired among others, Frank Carpay, Mirek Smisek and Ernest Shufflebotham.