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sagir              rouya              shamima              aminath              aishath              nassoro              riziki              taati              dhiyana              suraya              yusra              rahima              ayob              fathimath              zakia              zainon              khamisa              abdool              monowar              mobarak              ameena              naureen              abdussalam              hasanain              khandakar              lubis              najmi              alidu              khalida              alikhani              afjal              abdulahi              sadique              alamsyah              sabria              rishad              mahadi              hisyam              fariba              delwar              kamaruddin              farhana              essop              afnan              fatema              cassiem              haniff              chatib              amgad              tazeen             

Examples of "carrim"
Yunus Carrim is a South African politician who served as the Minister of Communications from 2013-2014.
Carrim Ali was a police captain in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, whose murder made national headlines. On June 18, 2009, his alleged killers won a controversial appeal against their sentence.
Kutchi Memons are a highly endogenous community, where marriages are arranged within their own ethnic group. Humeirah- a Novel written by Sabah Carrim, is about the Kutchi Memons. The story is set on the island of Mauritius.
Important authors include Malcolm de Chazal, Ananda Devi, Raymond Chasle, and Edouard Maunick. Lindsey Collen has been able to carve out a meeting of imaginaries in the unique social setup of this multi-faceted country. Other younger writers like Shenaz Patel, Natacha Appanah, Sabah Carrim, Alain Gordon-Gentil and Carl de Souza explore the issues of ethnicity, superstition and politics in the novel. Poet and critic Khal Torabully has put forward the concept of "coolitude," a poetics that results from the blend of Indian and Mauritian cultural diversity. Other poets include Hassam Wachill, Edouard Maunick, Sedley Assone, Yusuf Kadel and Umar Timol.
On 9 July 2013, President Jacob Zuma fired Minister of Communications Dina Pule because of irregular spending activities. She was replaced by former Deputy Minister of Co-operative Government and Traditional Affairs Yunus Carrim. Zuma also relieved Minister of Human Settlements Tokyo Sexwale, replacing him with Connie September. The Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Richard Baloyi was replaced by Lechesa Tsenoli. A number of Deputy Ministers were also re-appointed to different ministries, including Andries Nel, John Jeffrey, Pamela Tshwete and Michael Masutha. Apart from Pieter Mulder (Vryheidsfront+), all ministers are members of the ANC or SACP.
Islam is practiced by 17.3% of the Mauritian population. Approximately 95 percent are Sunni Muslims, having an understanding of the Urdu language. Within the Muslim community, there are three distinct ethnics that exist, notably the Memons and the Surtees (who are rich merchants who came from Kutch and Surat province of Gujarat in India), then the "Hindi Calcattias" who came to Mauritius as indentured labourer from Bihar. "Humeirah", a novel by Sabah Carrim is a story about the Memons and the "Hindi Calcattias". It is set on the island of Mauritius.