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Examples of "castang"
Mauzac and Grand-Castang was “born” on January 1, 1973 by combining the former communes of “Mauzac and Saint-Meyme de Rozens” in the valley and “Grand-Castang” on the hillside.
Never married, she was survived by her stepfather, Clive Baker and an aunt, Hilda Castang.
Veronica Castang (April 22, 1938—November 5, 1988) was a British film, stage and television actress.
Mauzac-et-Grand-Castang is a commune in the Dordogne department in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in southwestern France.
In 1990 "Not as Far as Velma" was adapted as a six-part BBC Radio serial starring Keith Barron as Castang.
She usually invites actors to participate to her projects. Brigitte Fossey, Marie Christine Barrault, François Castang and also Jean Marie Machado have been sharing the stage with her.
Freeling got bored with writing Amsterdam detective, Van der Valk and killed him off in 1972 when he was hit by a car. He refused to bring the detective back to life and wrote two novels where his widow Arlette was the detective. Then he started his second detective series, French Inspector, Henri Castang to revive his failing income, and some considered Castang superior to Van der Valk.
Mauzac is a railway station in Mauzac-et-Grand-Castang, Aquitaine, France. The station is located on the Libourne - Le Buisson railway line. The station is served by TER (local) services operated by SNCF.
Couze is a railway station in Mauzac-et-Grand-Castang, Aquitaine, France. The station is located on the Libourne - Le Buisson railway line. The station is served by TER (local) services operated by SNCF.
Jake Walker (played by Seb Castang) was initially seen in Charnham from February to December 2003, when he was sentenced to two years in a young offenders institute after accidentally killing Fern Farmer and Robert Davenport. Jake ran them down after losing control of a car during a police chase.
""Red Rock Entertainment, financed The London (a.k.a. AB Negative) crime thriller, directed by Neil Horner written by Allen Beaver and Neil Horner, Starring Vincent Regan, Kumud Pant, Jon Campling, Stephen Marcus, Robert Cavanah and Seb Castang. The film was released October 26, 2015.
Bernard Castang, born April 9th, 1944, is a French athlete. Commonly thought as one of the most talented decathletes that represented France during the 1960s. He also played rugby. French National Outdoor Championships winner in 1966 with 7514 points in the decathlon and 1967 with 7580 points. Bronze winner in the decathlon with 7444 points at the 1967 Summer Universiade in Tokyo, Japan. Top 20 decathlete at the 1966 European Championships in Budapest, Hungary with 6709 points. Personal best in decathlon 7853.
In 1980 Duff-MacCormick played Monique in Michel Tremblay's "Bonjour, La, Bonjour" at the Marymount Manhattan Theatre alongside Veronica Castang and Dianne Wiest. The following year she returned to Broadway to appear in Eddie Lawrence's "Animals" at the Princess Theatre. In 1982 she played Peggy Grant in a revival of "The Front Page" and the following year played Carrie in Paul Kember's "Not Quite Jerusalem", both at the Long Wharf Theater.
Jenne-Germaine Castang was born in mid-1878 as the fifth child of eleven children. Her father was a small landowner and her mother was born to notaries. Out of the eleven children three died at Nojals-et-Clotte and two others in Bordeaux from tuberculosis and malnutrition. The eldest daughter was able to join the convent of the Sisters of Saint Joseph at Aubenas. In her childhood she was noted for her strong and pious character as well as for her attentiveness to the needs of others.
Robert Davenport and co-worker Fern Farmer were killed when a runaway car ploughed into the shopfront of Robert's catering business. The driver was Dave's recently arrived stepson Jake Walker (Seb Castang) who lost control of the stolen car during a police chase, following a botched deal by Gabriel Drummond. The biggest casualty of Davis's arrival was the show's only remaining original character to have appeared continuously for the entire run of the series, Roy Farmer, who was killed in a fire in his Internet café business.
Charlotte Castang is a working-class 13-year-old girl, who lives in a drab, run-down neighbourhood, and is ready to become an adult. She has been raised without a mother, and lives with her crass brother and her father, whose attention is elsewhere. Her only friend is Lulu, a sick 10-year-old pest she would like to be rid of. Charlotte is bored and dreams of a better life, and her life improves when she meets Clara Bauman, a pianist from the other side of the tracks, whom she admires. Charlotte wants to be friends with Clara, whom she sees as her ticket out of the area, while the sophisticated Clara jokingly suggests that Charlotte should become her manager.
On 20 August, Gustave went to Peyruis to give Superintendent Sébeille a letter that he had received from his brother Aimé, who lived in Eygalières, in the Bouches-du-Rhône département, some 100 km (60 miles) west of the Dominici farm. Through the letter, Aimé explained that the initials "RMS" found on the stock of the US M1 carbine corresponded to René-Marcel Castang, a resident of Lurs who had died in 1946. However, in reality, these initials may also simply stand for the Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation, one of the manufacturers that produced this type of carbine. Aimé wrote that on the day of Castang's funeral in 1946, some weapons had been stolen from his farm, which bordered Paul Maillet's farm. Also on 20 August, Superintendent Sébeille received an anonymous letter stating that Maillet had stolen the US M1 from Castang's farm on the day of Castang's funeral.
Blessed Jeanne-Germaine Castang (23 May 1878 - 30 May 1897) - in religious Marie-Céline of the Presentation - was a French Roman Catholic professed religious from the Poor Clares. Her childhood was marked with polio and she suffered a noticeable limp for the remainder of her life after contracting the disease in 1882 and an operation for pain relief in 1891. Her desire for the religious life festered in her childhood and after being turned from the Sisters of Saint Joseph she managed to be admitted into the Poor Clares where she soon became ill with tuberculosis; she was permitted to make her solemn vows well before the usual time since she was in poor health.