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Examples of "cataclysmic"
This was one of the first post-cataclysmic novels.
Novas are cataclysmic nuclear explosions in white dwarf stars.
V803 Centauri (V803 Cen) is a cataclysmic binary consisting of a dwarf helium star losing mass to a white dwarf. It is an example of the AM Canum Venaticorum (AM CVn) type of cataclysmic variable stars.
There are 26 confirmed intermediate polar systems as of 14 April 2006. This represents about 1% of the 1,830 total cataclysmic variable systems presented by Downes et al. (2006) in the Catalog of Cataclysmic Variables.
TW Pictoris is a cataclysmic variable star system located in the constellation Pictor.
U Gem is a dwarf nova type cataclysmic variable discovered by J.R. Hind in 1855.
Mary Dombrowski; Glastonbury, Connecticut; “Cataclysmic Stellar Variability with Eclipsing Binary Superimposition”
In addition, many types of eruptive or cataclysmic variable are highly unpredictable.
In 1452 or 1453, a cataclysmic eruption of the submarine volcano Kuwae caused worldwide disruptions.
The first "cataclysmic hydrothermal vent" or "megaplume" was found on the ridge in 1986 near .
Amateurs have discovered over 500 new objects (including comets, minor planets, supernovas, and cataclysmic variable stars) using these products.
“Zofloya was written during a period of intense anxiety about slave revolt, especially the cataclysmic rebellion in Saint-Domingue”.
Collisions and mergers of two stellar-mass objects usually produce cataclysmic effects; see stellar collision and gamma-ray burst.
When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, Galicha described the cataclysmic event as climate crime, thus, climate justice must be sought.
Isolated Existence was released on 2 February 2013. Cataclysmic Oppression was the first single released from the album
By Journey Year 950, the Thistledown was empty, and history proceeded gently until the cataclysmic events of Journey Year 1175.
Cataclysmic variables are among the classes of astronomical objects most commonly found by amateurs, since a cataclysmic variable in its outburst phase is bright enough to be detectable with very modest instruments, and the only celestial objects easily confused with them are bright asteroids whose movement from night to night is clear.
"Cataclysmic variables (CVs) are close binary systems consisting of a white dwarf and a red-dwarf secondary transferring matter via the Roche lobe overflow." Both fusion- and accretion-powered cataclysmic variables have been observed to be X-ray sources. The accretion disk may be prone to instability leading to dwarf nova outbursts: a portion of the disk material falls onto the white dwarf, the cataclysmic outbursts occur when the density and temperature at the bottom of the accumulated hydrogen layer rise high enough to ignite nuclear fusion reactions, which rapidly burn the hydrogen layer to helium.
EX Hydrae is a variable star classified as an eclipsing intermediate polar-type cataclysmic variable, specifically of the DQ Herculis type. The system varies in apparent magnitude from 9.6 to 14. The system consists of a white dwarf primary and an M-type secondary, of masses of and respectively. The orbital period is 98.25696 minutes (0.068233846 days). The system is 65±11 parsecs distant, making EX Hya one of the closest cataclysmic variable stars. The cataclysmic outbursts appear to be caused by accretion of material from the M-star to the white dwarf.
King Kamuu was the last emperor of the pre-cataclysmic continent of Atlantis, and husband of Zartra, about 21,000 years ago.