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Examples of "catamaran"
The Stingray Catamaran sport catamaran is an Australian designed 5.5 m long beach catamaran with a twin trapeze setup.
The University of Flensburg is developing the "Flensburg catamaran" or "Uni-Cat Flensburg", a rotor-driven catamaran.
The Pacific Catamaran or Pacific Cat is a sailing catamaran capable of high speeds across open water.
The A-Class Catamaran, often abbreviated to A-Cat, is a development class sailing catamaran for singlehanded racing.
The Formula 16 (F16) sport catamaran is an ISAF recognised 5 m long beach catamaran with an asymmetric spinnaker setup.
The C-Class Catamaran is a high-performance developmental class sailing catamaran. They are very light boats which use rigid wing sails and can sail at twice the speed of the wind. They are used for match races known as the International Catamaran Challenge Trophy and its successor the International C-Class Catamaran Championship - both often referred to as the "Little America's Cup".
"Sea Speed Jet" was the first 74-metre wave piercing catamaran built and the first car carrying catamaran built by Incat.
After seeing a Shearwater catamaran while chicken farming in Scotland, Downie resolved to design a superior vessel, producing the Thai Mk4 catamaran.
The Extreme 40 catamaran can sail at in winds. The high-performance International C-Class Catamaran can sail at twice the speed of the wind.
7th place overall at the Blue Ribbon race 47. Kékszalag 2015 at lake Balaton, Hungary with the catamaran Ventilo M2 (28 foot catamaran) from Rolf Hufnagel.
The F20 is a catamaran similar in design to Nacra's former 20 foot catamaran, however it is made out of carbon fiber and uses curved daggerboards as hydrofoils.
In July 2014 Bavaria Yachtbau bought the French catamaran producer Nautitech Catamarans. With this purchase, Bavaria Yachtbau has increased its product portfolio to include the growing catamaran sector.
In modern sailing, the term is sometimes used to refer to the outrigger on a proa or trimaran, or the two sections of a catamaran. However, calling the two sections of a catamaran by the word ama, is not technically correct since they are of equal size. A catamaran is technically a wa'a wa'a or double canoe connected by an aka.
Amaryllis was succeeded by a second catamaran vessel, "Tarantella".
High speed catamaran "Leonora Christina" enters service.
"Mega Jet' is a high speed catamaran operated by Seajets.
Crossbow was an early 1970s proa (or asymmetrical catamaran) sailboat.
High speed catamaran "Villum Clausen" enters service.
In 1977), he formed a partnership, namely International Catamaran Pty Ltd designing and building catamarans in Tasmania. This combination made significant advances in fast powered catamaran technology culminating in the Wave Piercing catamarans.
Cyclades Express is a high speed catamaran operated by NEL Lines in the Aegean.