Synonyms for catapulting or Related words with catapulting

catapulted              headfirst              hurtled              rocketed              smuggles              snuck              sneaked              parlayed              careens              coaxed              lurched              shoves              parachuted              jettisons              reintegrating              careered              cajole              crept              squeaked              barged              lurches              careened              rappelled              hustled              slithered              cajoled              reintegrate              goads              leaped              lulled              shapeshifts              oscillationused              coaxes              abseiled              segued              goading              prodded              ducked              andbreaking              limps              scampers              waded              hurtles              bluffed              tricking              segueing              forayed              splintered              sauntered              nosedived             

Examples of "catapulting"
In 1976 Mark Edmondson won the Australian Open catapulting the Volley back into the spotlight.
Since that time, Cuomo has been credited with catapulting Neapolitan pizza to fame in Japan, and today in all Asia.
Véliz made a significant improvement on his personal best, throwing 21.40m at Brazzaville, catapulting him into the World Top 10 .
Flores' remix of “Conga” was the version released as the single and album track, catapulting Gloria’s career as the top Latin crossover
The first technology (used by Carl Zeiss PALM) cuts around the sample then collects it by a "catapulting" technology. The sample can be catapulted from a slide or special culture dish by a defocused U.V laser pulse which generates a photonic force to propel the material off the slide/dish, a technique sometimes called Laser Micro-dissection Pressure Catapulting (LMPC). The dissected material is sent upward (up to several millimetres) to a microfuge tube cap or other collector which contains either a buffer or a specialized tacky material in the tube cap that the tissue will adhere to. This active catapulting process avoids some of the static problems when using membrane-coated slides.
The song was banned when released in Jamaica in 1975. Attempts to suppress the song failed, however, catapulting Tosh to international fame.
Along with catapulting her into the status of civil rights leader, the fish wars brought Janet McCloud in touch with her native spirituality.
The 2009 festival also included water sports, archery and catapulting competitions, a motor rally, performances by dance troupes from Niger, Mali, Chad and Benin, wrestling and boxing matches, and an agricultural fair.
His 2012 film "Govindaya Namaha" has been declared a blockbuster catapulting him to the stardom status. The song "Pyarge Aagbittaite" featuring Parul Yadav and himself went viral on the internet.
Daffy tries one last scheme which involves catapulting himself across the sea. It doesn't go so well and he is flattened. Speedy then tells the mice that they should send him back to the sea.
Robins became a fan-favourite catapulting them up the league from relegation battlers to true play-off contenders all in the short time that he had been at the club.
Transport in the game is fulfilled by a manner of catapulting. At different points in an area, the player may find a catapult, which when used will send the player to the next location near instantaneously.
Liao was appointed as the Party Secretary of the Communist revolutionary heartland of Zunyi in July 2012, and he was named a Standing Committee member of the CPC Guizhou Committee in January 2013, catapulting him to "sub-provincial level" office.
Raft chose "Manpower" over the remake of the 1931 pre-Code version of Dashiell Hammett's "The Maltese Falcon", and the career-catapulting role of Sam Spade went to Humphrey Bogart instead.
Another tactic favoured by the Mongols was catapulting severed human heads over city walls to frighten the inhabitants and spread disease in the besieged city's closed confines. This was especially used by the later Turko-Mongol chieftain.
Some of the earliest instances of biological warfare were said to have been products of the plague, as armies of the 14th century were recorded catapulting diseased corpses over the walls of towns and villages to spread the pestilence.
Stylish...E hyOlee is the first studio album by South Korean recording artist Lee Hyori, her first musical project after leaving girl group Fin.K.L. The album sold well in South Korea, winning several awards and catapulting Lee to superstar status; papers even dubbed her popularity the "Hyolee Syndrome". The album was released by DSP Media and distributed by CJ E&M Music.
In 1932, United States Lines had offered to build a new passenger liner, called the "U.S. Express Liner", which would also double as a mail ship, and would dramatically decrease the time of delivery for trans-Atlantic mail by catapulting an aircraft when it was within range. Congress refused to give a guarantee on trans-Atlantic postal rates and it was never built.
On 10 September, she sortied with Task Force 77 (TF 77) for the invasion of Morotai. Catapulting her first plane to support the landings on 15 September, she continued to assist American troops ashore and to provide cover for the transports through the 22nd.
A board game was also released entitled Berk's Trapdoor Game which involved going around the board while trying to knock one's opponents over by launching one of four dice, each hidden beneath its own trapdoor, in the game board's central catapulting mechanism.