Synonyms for catastroika or Related words with catastroika

alternatywy              monologul              dostoievsky              elocutions              vojcek              vorpuni              zivlak              dyzmy              plehan              kerempuh              romantyzm              gitovich              kuduz              vitezovic              odwiedziny              komentar              judeobeast              kochowski              ekonomike              godzina              djurdja              nikodema              adomas              josyp              beledian              menyaet              yunosti              motke              resnica              kadochnikov              ideologija              nebunilor              sovety              fryzjera              lutostansky              tronaru              zelimir              krelja              sevastos              visniec              giacobbo              ispovesti              komedianty              lirnyk              gjuro              izmena              shershenevich              protopop              jebeleanu              urnebesna             

Examples of "catastroika"
In 2012, he co-directed another film with Kitidi, "Catastroika". It focuses on the Greek economic system and features Naomi Klein and others. The film was released by the co-owned Infowar Productions.
In 2003, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, North Point Press published Bengis' book "Metro Stop Dostoyevsky: Travels in Russian Time" which takes place in Russia between 1990-1996 . Naively in love with Russia and Russian literature, she settled in St. Petersburg in 1990 as the Soviet Union was collapsing, and quickly became immersed in "catastroika", a period of immense turmoil that mirrored her own increasingly complex and contradictory experience. Her friendship with a Russian woman whose marriage is also falling apart, reflects the social tumult, as well as the sometimes dangerous consequences, of American good intentions. It was hailed by Kurt Vonnegut as "the most sane and intelligent book anyone could possibly write about what it is like to be an American or a Russian at the start of the new millennium," and Norman Mailer said "There is so much to praise about "Metro Stop Dostoyevsky" that I will content myself with but one remark. I read it all in something approaching whole pleasure, and how often can we make such a claim?"