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neurosis              hypomania              sleeplessness              melancholia              stupor              somatization              convulsive              neuroses              depressives              erotomania              dysthymia              nonconvulsive              hypochondria              hallucinosis              hallucination              schizophrenics              delirium              hypnogenic              schizotypal              hallucinations              dysphoric              apathy              moodiness              akathesia              tremens              hypnagogic              hyperarousal              neuropsychic              dysphoria              amnesias              schizoid              derealization              misophonia              cyclothymia              convulsion              kinesigenic              neurasthenia              schizophrenic              neurotic              akathisia              sleepwalking              paraphrenia              hypersomnolence              dyskinesias              aphasias              hypersexuality              hyperosmia              somnambulism              acanthocytosis              hypoactivity             

Examples of "catatonia"
The prognosis of oneiroid catatonia is optimal, in comparison with lucid catatonia.
According to the DSM-V, "Catatonia Associated with Another Mental Disorder (Catatonia Specifier)" is diagnosed if the clinical picture is dominated by at least three of the following:
Childhood schizophrenia increases the risk for autistic catatonia later in life dramatically. There seems to be a common font of brain pathology for psychosis, catatonia and autism.
Catatonia is a medical condition characterized by immobility and unresponsiveness.
While catatonia is only identified as a symptom of schizophrenia in present psychiatric classifications, it is increasingly recognized as a syndrome with many faces. It appears as the Kahlbaum syndrome (motionless catatonia), malignant catatonia (neuroleptic malignant syndrome, toxic serotonin syndrome), and excited forms (delirious mania, catatonic excitement, oneirophrenia).
Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is an effective treatment for catatonia. Antipsychotics should be used with care as they can worsen catatonia and are the cause of neuroleptic malignant syndrome, a dangerous condition that can mimic catatonia and requires immediate discontinuation of the antipsychotic.
A's & B's Of Catatonia is a promotional EP CD released only in America by the band, Catatonia. As its title suggests, it contains A-Sides, "I Am The Mob" and "Bleed" and the rest of the tracks, B-Sides.
Catatonia is a state of neurogenic motor immobility and behavioral abnormality manifested by stupor. It was first described in 1874 by Karl Ludwig Kahlbaum, in "Die Katatonie oder das Spannungsirresein" ("Catatonia or Tension Insanity").
His most recent interest is in the syndromes of catatonia and of melancholia.
Sweet Catatonia was released on 18 January 1996, with a cover painted by Elfyn Lewis. He was the housemate of band members, Cerys Matthews and Mark Roberts, and would go on the paint three single and one album covers for Catatonia. A launch party was held at The Louisiana, Bristol. The name "Sweet Catatonia" had been the original title for the band, when it was a duo of Matthews and Roberts.
Heineken Green Energy took place for the 4th year in 1999, featuring Catatonia.
The last track, "Catatonia", originally appeared on the "Human Waste" EP.
List of symptoms that has been observed in those with autistic catatonia:
Eurythmics, The Corrs, Catatonia, Bush, Bryan Adams, George Michael, David Bowie, Stereophonics and Robbie Williams.
ECT is generally a second-line treatment for people with catatonia who do not respond to other treatments, but is a first-line treatment for severe or life-threatening catatonia. There is a lack of clinical evidence for its efficacy but "the excellent efficacy of ECT in catatonia is generally acknowledged". For people with autism spectrum disorders who have catatonia, there is little published evidence about the efficacy of ECT; as of 2014 there were twelve case reports, and while ECT had "life saving" efficacy in some, results were mixed and temporary, and maintenance ECT was necessary to sustain any benefit.
Kahlbaum's work would in time influence German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin. Strictly speaking however Kahlbaum's catatonia is not, as is commonly believed, the same as the catatonia found in Emil Kraepelin's concept of dementia praecox. Rather, as Adolf Meyer would later complain with respect to dementia praecox, "Kahlbaum's catatonia was liberally extended so as to include everything that showed catalepsy, negativism, automatism, stereotypy, and verbigeration" (Meyer, 1910, p. 276).
' (') are a Welsh pop group, comprising Mark Roberts and Paul Jones, who formerly played together in , Catatonia and Sherbet Antlers.
Sandcat: A junk merchant in the city of Catatonia. His trade was greatly increased thanks to Hot Rod and friends.
Schizophrenia disorder 10 (periodic catatonia) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the SCZD10 gene.
Pryce was in the Welsh-language band with his brother Iwan Pryce, Huw Bunford (also later of Super Furry Animals), Owen Powell (later of Catatonia) and others in a changing line-up, from 1989 to 1993. He recorded with Catatonia on their first two EPs before Super Furry Animals formed in 1993.