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dorthe              bente              birgitte              merete              agneta              cecilie              rikke              frederikke              birgitta              ingvild              mette              nicoline              emelie              vibeke              malene              kjersti              berit              gunilla              ragnhild              dorte              marit              hanne              annelie              josefin              tonje              fredrikke              turid              nordby              gunhild              freja              anette              sigrid              josefine              benedicte              halvard              mariann              wenche              kirsti              sofie              hald              kerstin              helle              stina              elisabet              johanne              pernille              barbro              kirstine              bolette              maiken             

Examples of "cathrine"
Cathrine Lindahl (born February 26, 1970 in Härnösand as Cathrine Norberg) is a Swedish curler from Östersund.
Anker was married to Petronelle Didrikke Cathrine Tank (1806-1833) daughter of Carsten Tank. Following her death, he married Cathrine Olava Nicoline Gløersen (1814-1902).
Cathrine Winnes, born 1977, is a Norwegian music conductor.
4. Moharam Bek - Abi El Dardaa - St Cathrine Square.
In November 2008, Tom Ivar died of bone cancer in addition to a fall from the main staircase at Hotel Cæsar, after accidentally being pushed down by his daughter Cathrine. Cathrine admitted when Tom Ivar was comatose, that she hoped he would die. Cathrine felt that she always was his second daughter after Cecilie, who he admired and loved openly.
Sophie Magdalene was distantly related with King Christian VII's mistress, Anne Cathrine Benthagen, the famous "Støvlet-Cathrine", who reportedly was the illegitimate daughter of Prince Georg Ludwig of Brunswick-Bevern, whose sister was married with one of the queen's brothers.
He was the youngest living son of captain Christian Fredrik Graff (1818–1893) and Cathrine Magdalene Bull Wiel. In 1882 he married Benta Tomine Marie Cathrine Baastad. Their son Ragnvald Graff became a major and barrister.
Abel Cathrine (1626-1676) was a Danish courtier and philanthropist. She was the favorite of the queen of Denmark, Sophie Amalie of Brunswick-Lüneburg, and known as the founder of "Abel Cathrines Stiftelse" (The Abel Cathrine Foundation).
Justine Cathrine Rosenkrantz (1659 – 1 August 1746) was a Dano–Norwegian noblewoman, courtier and spy.
Maren Cathrine Sars (née Welhaven; 17 August 1811 – 27 December 1898) was a Norwegian socialite.
Elisabeth Cathrine "Lise" Welhaven (6 March 1815 – 26 July 1901) was a Norwegian writer.
Soon after, she was replaced by Cathrine Paulsen in May of that year.
He was named royal painter in 1706. He married Helle Cathrine Robring in 1707.
Anna Cathrine Sethne (25 September 1872 – 26 April 1961) was a Norwegian educator and trade unionist.
In 2007 Cathrine finished 8th in the league with a .411 3-point FG percentage.
Cathrine Larsåsen (born December 5, 1986) is a Norwegian pole vaulter.
He is married to current editor-in-chief of "Samtiden", Cathrine Sandnes.
16. Karmouz - Abi El Dardaa - St Cathrine Square. (Serapeum & Pompey's Pillar)
Ann-Cathrine Wiklander and Erik Lihm rerecorded the song in 2013.
Birgitte Cathrine Boye (March 7, 1742 – October 17, 1824) was a Danish hymnwriter.