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Examples of "caui"
Gandelsonas became the first director of the Center for Architecture, Urbanism and Infrastructure (CAUI) at Princeton University in 2007 and remained in the post until 2013. With funding from Princeton University's Council for International Teaching and Research, the mission of CAUI is to build a global network of research focusing on the impact of rapid urban growth in the twenty-first century. He also published the first two CAUI books, "In search of the public" (2013), a collection of essays that examine the question of public space at the beginning of the twenty first century; and "Garden [City] State" (2013), a proposal for a slow infrastructure that takes as a case study the state of New Jersey.
On February 16, 2015, the 802.3bm standard was approved. The 802.3bm standard specifies a lower-cost optical 100GBASE-SR4 PHY for MMF and a four-lane chip-to-module and chip-to-chip electrical specification (CAUI-4). The detailed objectives for the 802.3bm project can be found on the 802.3 website.