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Examples of "cazenave"
Pierre Louis Alphée Cazenave first described the disease in 1844.
GoLois (Tristan Cazenave, Nicolas Jouandeau) (FRA), Moccos (Takuma Toyoda) (JP), IcySoftwoodWine (Yuji Abe) (JP)
• Sandra Cazenave, ""« Sculpt » : Loris Gréaud voit rouge au LACMA"," French Morning, August 9th, 2016.
Cazenave has authored more than 200 scientific articles for international peer-reviewed journals.
Cazenave received her Ph.D in Geophysics from the University of Toulouse in 1975.
Biett was not known for his published works, however two of his students, Pierre Louis Alphée Cazenave and Henri Édouard Schedel, took assiduous notes of his lectures. In 1828 Cazenave and Schedel published "Abregé pratique des maladies de la peau", a work that was a compilation of Biett's teachings and was to become a major work in dermatology. Cazenave is credited for coining the term ""lupus erythemateaux"" (lupus erythematosus), derived from Biett's symptomatic descriptions of the disease.
Guillermo Carlos Cazenave (born September 18, 1955 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine musician who has been living in Europe for more than three decades. He is also known as Guill Cazenave. He is also an author and journalist, specialized in many different musical styles.
The neoclassical period began in 1851 when the skin disease which is now known as discoid lupus was documented by the French physician, Pierre Cazenave. Cazenave termed the illness lupus and added the word erythematosus to distinguish this disease from other illnesses that affected the skin except they were infectious. Cazenave observed the disease in several people and made very detailed notes to assist others in its diagnosis. He was one of the first to document that lupus affected adults from adolescence into the early thirties and that the facial rash is its most distinguishing feature.
Louis de Cazenave (October 16, 1897 – January 20, 2008) was, at the time of his death, the oldest surviving French veteran of World War I.
Possibly its real name was not Casanave, since the few surviving sources indicate his surname as Casaneva, Casenave, Cazenave and Casanova.
Pierre Louis Alphée Cazenave (5 May 1795 – 9 April 1877) was a French dermatologist who practiced medicine at the Hôpital Saint-Louis in Paris.
Cazenave is credited with coining the term "lupus érythémateux" (lupus erythematosus). In 1844 he first described a rare dermatological condition known as pemphigus foliaceus.
From 1844 until 1852, Cazenave was editor of "Annales des Maladies de la Peau et de la Syphilis", a journal dedicated to scientific dermatology.
Fernand Cazenave (November 26, 1924 in Orthez – January 11, 2005 in Mont-de-Marsan) was a former French rugby union international and national coach.
Arnaud's was founded in 1918, by a French wine salesman, Arnaud Cazenave. In 1978, sixty years after the restaurant opened, it was bought by Archie and Jane Casbarian. The Casbarian family worked towards getting the restaurant back to its original roots, the way founder Arnaud Cazenave intended. In effort to revert to the way the restaurant started, the building was renovated and the menu was altered. These changes brought the restaurant positive recognition and widespread approval.
Cazenave is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and was the lead author of the sea level sections of the 2007 IPCC Fourth Assessment Report and the 2014 IPCC Fifth Assessment Report. Cazenave has called attention to the effects of climate change on sea level rising. She has indicated that extremely flat regions such as Bangladesh could have their groundwater threatened by sea salinisation.
Although at first refusing any decorations, de Cazenave accepted the Légion d’honneur in 1995, along with several other veterans. He died at his family home in Brioude at age 110.
Florian Cazenave (born 30 December 1989 in Tarbes) is a French rugby union player. His position is Scrum-half and he currently plays for Rugby Reggio in the Serie A.
In 1973, Guillermo Cazenave graduated from high school and travelled to the US where he continued composing and recording songs both in Spanish and English, thanks to his bilingual studies at the Newman College.
On Tuesday March 18, 2014, Bruce Cazenave, CEO of Nautilus Inc., rang the New York Stock Exchange's opening bell. The company also demonstrated on the NYSE trading floor their new home fitness cardio machine Bowflex MAX Trainer.