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Examples of "celso_roth"
Upon giving him his first professional contract, Internacional manager Celso Roth said of Sasha:
In 2009, giving priority to the 2009 Copa Libertadores, the team played most of the state championship matches with the reserve squad. This and some controversial attitudes of coach Celso Roth led to several poor results, notably three losses to their main rival Internacional. In April, after the premature loss of the state championship, Celso Roth was fired.
Celso Juarez Roth, usually known as Celso Roth (born November 30, 1957 in Caxias do Sul), is a Brazilian football manager.
In 2013, in research made for sportive site UOL Esporte, Leão was elected the worst coach from Brazil. He had 16 votes. Celso Roth was chosen the second one.
By end of state competition, Oliveira was integrated to professional staff, and appeared in 26 matches in 2005, making four goals. The first, in a match against Tupi under the command of technical Celso Roth.
On 1 December 2015, Diego renewed his contract with "Lusa" for a further year. On 11 July 2016, however, he was released, and subsequently joined Internacional; initially assigned to the B-team, he was promoted to the main squad on 8 October by manager Celso Roth.
At the time, an attacking midfielder extremely skilled and fast, just promoted to professionals in 2006 by then-coach Renato Gaúcho. Despite having become a real sweetheart of Vasco da Gama, failed to provide them a regularity that they hold. Ended up losing even more space on the team with the departure of Renato Gaúcho and the arrival of Celso Roth to the command of Vasco da Gama in 2007.
From 1990 to 1991 he was the manager of the Brazil national football team. His second and longest coaching experience was with América from 1991 to 1993. He also coached Internacional in 1993. After a brief hiatus, in 1994, he was the manager of the Japanese national football team. In April 2011, after 16 years without managing a club, he was signed by Internacional, replacing Celso Roth. He was then sacked in July following three consecutive defeats in the Brazilian league.
On May 4, 2009 the former Grêmio coach joined Atlético Mineiro until the end of the season, he replaces Émerson Leão. On June 12, 2010 Celso Roth was appointed as the coach of Internacional. About two-month after being appointed, he was rewarded with the 2010 Copa Libertadores title as Internacional beat Guadalajara in a two-leg final. On April 8, 2011 Roth was sacked with a decision from the board meeting. He had been criticized among fans since Internacional’s defeat to TP Mazembe in the Club World Cup semi-final match in December 2010.
In the same year, the Sport Recife raises the trophy for the second time the Copa do Nordeste, this time under the command of coach Celso Roth after a tie at 2–2 against the Vitória-BA on Ilha do Retiro in the game of the round, that because in the first leg in Salvador, tied by 1–1, yet the Sport Recife champion was considered to have done better campaign over championship and comes also the end of Copa dos Campeões, losing the title to Palmeiras 2–1.
However, over time show that Adrianinho was just one of over twenty players hired by the club in season 2005. Low productivity caused his original contract, the risk does not last longer than the first four months allowed. The trigger for its withdrawal, was the arrival of Celso Roth, who face the situation of the athlete, did not hesitate to ask for his head, considering the quality of the half as unsatisfactory. He went to Vila Nova and later that year on loan to OFI, Greece. Half a year in Europe and after only five performances, Adrianinho returned to Vila Nova.
Rafael came to Grêmio in 2006, as an amateur player. He was promoted to the first team after captaining the youth side in the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior by the coach Vágner Mancini, but soon was relegated to the youth squad because of his lack of commitment in pre-season training. Before the beginning of the 2008 Brazilian Serie A, Mancini was fired and Rafael earned a new chance from the coach Celso Roth, the same coach who promoted Ronaldinho to the first team in 1998. He became the team's first-choice in the central midfield and created a strong partnership with William Magrão. Appearing as a defensive midfielder, Rafael missed just one league match and received just five yellow cards during the season.
In 2008, after the sudden firing of their new head coach Vagner Mancini, the club hired Celso Roth. Within a month they had prematurely dropped out of both the domestic cup (Copa do Brasil) and their state championship (Campeonato Gaúcho). This led to the team going through a state of crisis and, soon after, major renovation. They were expected to be on the bottom half of the Campeonato Brasileiro's table, and maybe even relegated, but managed to finish in second place. For many supporters, even that was considered a failure as in the first half of the championship, the team was considered the best of the country, and more than 10 points ahead of their rivals. But unexpected loses during the final games of the season lost the championship.
On 24 October 2007, it was announced that Romário would take charge of his first match as the interim manager of Vasco da Gama against Club América of Mexico in the return leg of their Copa Sudamericana quarter final and he would also participate on the field as a player. Romário, then 41 years of age, replaced Celso Roth as the manager of Vasco da Gama, and also played the match against Club América at the same time. The Vasco da Gama president Eurico Miranda declared to Globo Online that Romário would be in charge of the team for the match, but it is likely to only be temporarily. On 6 February 2008 Romário objected to Miranda's intervention in team selection, so was dismissed, but remained contracted to Vasco as a player.