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In heraldry, cendrée is a tincture, the grey of ashes (French "cendres"), iron, and stone walls.
The Calcaires noduleux cendres is a geologic formation in France. It preserves fossils dating back to the Jurassic period.
In 2015 the band signs with Shunu Records, releasing the new album "La Litanie des Cendres" on August 21.
Metalor Dental had not been integrated into the Metalor Group : it has now, dating January 1, 2009, been merged into Cendres & Métaux, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.
Born in Jérémie, Laforest was a teacher of French and mathematics. Some of his most noted words are "Poèmes Mélancoliques" (1901), "Sonnets-Médaillons" (1909), and "Cendres et Flammes".
He was the vice-captain of the ship "La Belle Poule" that brought back in France the remains of Napoleon I in 1840, during the Retour des Cendres.
He studied theater and has written many dramatic works, among them "Onysos le furieux, Cendres sur les mains, Médée Kali," and "Le Tigre bleu de l'Euphrate".
His first play, "Combat de possédés", was published in 1999. It has been performed in Germany and has been read at the Royal National Theatre in London. The second play, published in 2000, is "Onysos le Furieux". It is an epic monologue, written in only 10 days during the spring of 1996. Laurent Gaudé has also written other plays such as "Pluie de Cendres", "Cendres sur les mains", "Médée Kali" or "Le Tigre bleu de l'Euphrate".
The Belle-Poule was an "Surveillante" class 60-gun first rank frigate of the French Navy. She achieved fame for bringing the remains of Napoléon from Saint Helena back to France, in what became known as the "Retour des cendres".
This VHS includes all videos (except "Maman a tort") from the three first albums "Cendres de Lune", "Ainsi soit je..." and "L'Autre..." The DVD contains also "Maman a tort" and the two videos of live singles.
Vietnam has 6 volcanoes, Bas Đồng Nai, Cu-Lao Re Group, Haut Đồng Nai, Toroeng Prong, Veteran and Ile des Cendres who had the most recent eruption in 1923.
Because of copyright issues, this song remains not available on any Farmer's albums, including her first studio album "Cendres de Lune", and her best of "Les Mots". However, Farmer has apparently never disowned the song.
At the end of May 2010 at the Festival TransAmériques, he created a video accompaniment for the play "Cendres" directed by Jérémie Niel (based on "Earth and Ashes" by Atiq Rahimi).
Chief editor of the satirical newspaper la "Revue parisienne" (1851), he was one of the promoters of the retour des cendres of Napoleon, which he asked King Louis-Philippe in his pamphlet "L’Homme du rivage ou l’illustre tombeau".
She was encouraged by her father to write and she completed her first work, a novel, "Argile et cendres" in 1946. Although she wrote her first works in Russian, as an adult she wrote almost exclusively in French.
In France, "Cendres de lune" charted for the very first time in April 1989, after the success of the second album, "Ainsi soit je...". It peaked at number 39 and has sold 367,500 copies to date.
Animals in New Britain have adapted to live with the activity of the local volcano near the city of Rabaul. Directed by Bertrand Loyer and released in France on 18 March 2010. Original title: "Les Vagabonds des Cendres".
In 2009, Mélissa collaborated with producer Mocky for a cover of Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love". This track was included alongside other B sides for the deluxe version of Camphor & Copper's release. Other tracks included "Les Cendres" and "First Class".
His other plays have included "Cendres de cailloux", "Les nuages de terre", "Le pont de pierres et la peau d'images", "Terre océane", "Mille anonymes", "Sous un ciel de chamaille", "Kiwi" and "Bled".
Jean-Paul Daoust (born January 30, 1946) is a Canadian poet. He won the Governor General's Award for French-language poetry at the 1990 Governor General's Awards for "Les Cendres bleues".