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nasuta              oblongus              complanata              cincta              inflatus              schomburgkii              psammophila              ciliatus              laticeps              signatus              inconstans              delicatula              consobrina              sylvicola              tessellatus              petersii              papillosa              brunnescens              nigripes              conicus              fenestratus              gracilipes              tessellata              confluens              denticulatus              ignobilis              granulatus              decorus              costatus              helvola              dichrous              picturata              caliginosa              cognatus              rostratus              pygmaea              labiatus              obtusus              foveolata              sowerbyi              dimorpha              cylindricus              punctulata              leptura              centropogon              binotatus              steindachneri              taeniata              micans              rubicunda             

Examples of "cerasina"
Helcogramma cerasina is a species of triplefin blenny in the genus "Helcogramma". It was described by Williams and Howe in 2003.
"Mycena clariviolacea" is similar to the Brazilian species "M. cerasina" and the European "M. diosma". "Mycena cerasina", which belongs in the section "Cerasinae" of the genus "Mycena", differs in having a grayish-purple cap and stem, and forming somewhat utriform (wineskin-shaped) to lageniform (flask-shaped), smooth cheilocystidia. "Mycena diosma", classified in the section "Calodontes", subsection "Purae", may be distinguished microscopically from "M. clariviolacea" by its smooth, spindle-shaped cheilocystidia and pleurocystidia, and nondiverticulate hyphae in the cortical layer of cap and stem.
Pholidochromis cerasina is a Pseudochromis from the Western Pacific. This fish occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade. It grows to a size of 7.9 cm in length.
The wingspan is 36–42 mm. Forewing pale grey, with a more or less general rufous tinge; Lines and stigmata all obscure; lower lobe of reniform dark; hindwing fuscous; anal tufts of abdomen of male reddish. — In the ab. "cerasina" Frr. the red tints predominate to such an extent that the whole forewing is dull deep red, while in ab. "neglecta" Hbn the red is wholly lost and the insect is dull grey: this is the common form in Britain, where the typical "castanea" is rarer and "cerasina" unknown; — the form "xanthe" Woodf. should have the ground colour yellow; — ab. "pallida" Tutt from Scotland is whitish ochreous; the stigmata outlined in red; submarginal line formed of red spots.