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joo              jeong              jeon              baek              seong              byun              yoo              yoon              seung              kwang              jae              chul              cheon              hyeon              suk              yong              kyung              jang              ahn              kwon              hwang              yun              youn              woo              keum              yeong              seol              seok              cheol              myung              hyung              kang              hyun              hee              keun              joon              hye              choi              seon              sook              kyeong              yeom              gyu              suh              shik              hwakim              byung              koo              ryoo              heon             

Examples of "chae"
Chae is the daughter of Dr. Hi-kyung Chae and Mrs. Inja Chae. She was born in Eugene, Oregon, and at the age of five moved to Seoul, South Korea.
Park Chae-rim (; born March 28, 1979 in Seoul), known simply as Chae Rim, is a South Korean actress.
(풍채 채 "pungchae chae", 캘 채 "kael chae") is the least common of the three Chae surnames. The 2000 Census found 1,666 people and 566 households with this surname, with one reported "bon-gwan":
In the hostel, Yujin shared her experiences about Young-min with Ahn-chae. Ahn-chae thought to herself for a while, before she suggested to dust the room. Yujin offered her help and Ahn-chae declined it. Yujin reported that she had lost her report, and asked Ahn-chae whether she had accidentally threw it away. Ahn-chae vehemently denied the incident as she rummaged through Yujin's table.
The next scene shows Ahn-chae in her room, having just returned. Ahn-chae lied down on her bed, looking pale. Yujin was surprised to see that Ahn-chae did not bring her handbag with her. Ahn-chae, who suddenly remembered that she had left her handbag behind after attending to her wounds. "Oh dear! My salary! How could I have forgotten?" She exclaimed as she left. When Ahn-chae returned to that spot, it was gone.
In 1907, this area was a sub-district ("King Amphoe") of Chok Chai district. It was called "King Amphoe" Chae because the city centre was in Tambon Chae.
Ahn-chae had returned home, and were talking about their careers and Young-min. A friend who was to met Ahn-chae came into the room.
Chae served as a ROKFV Commanding Officer during the Vietnam War. Chae adopted strong tactics for the Vietnamese as an authority on guerrilla tactics. Chae's harsh policy caused a serious disagreement with William Westmoreland, the chief of staff of the United States Forces. When the Phong Nhị and Phong Nhất massacre occurred, William Westmoreland several times demanded Chae Myung-shin should investigate. Chae replied the criminals were Viet Cong.
Young-min was studying in the library with Renyu when they met Ahn-chae. She turned away when Young-min turned his head around. Young-min went to the lakeside, and found Ahn-chae sitting on a bench. Ahn-chae criticised Young-min of his relationship with Yujin, and revealed that she heard from Yujin that he had gone to a piano concert with her. With that, Ahn-chae got up to leave.
Korean given names containing the element Chae include:
"(Korean: 옹알스; Starring: Chae Gyeongseon, Jo Junwu, Jo Suwon)"
That night, Young-min went to see Ahn-chae at Pizza Hut, but went off after that. The next scene showed Ahn-chae humming as she walked home. Ahn-chae sat down on a bench at the bottom of the staircase, and closed her eyes...
Ahn-chae ran after the bus, but broke the right heel of her high-heel shoes. The bus left, and Ahn-chae gave a disappointed look. Looking at the condition of her shoe, Ahn-chae decided that she would buy a new pair of shoes for herself, a pair of black shoes which appealed to her.
Ahn-chae was serving pizza to a customer, but was being scolded for not giving sufficient mushrooms. She stated that there will be a surcharge, which made the customer very angry. While serving pizza to the customer, Ahn-chae dropped the pizza and landed on the customer's dress. Ahn-chae suggested on compensating with a new pizza.
Ahn-chae also went on to describe her feelings as she thought about herself not wearing any shoes and ran off, and apologise for her bad attitude as they felt the gentle waves of the river water. Both Young-min and Ahn-chae looked into each other eyes before Young-min hugged Ahn-chae. As they hugged, they had found out their true love.
Jay is also a transliteration of the Korean surname Chae.
"(Korean: A-YO; Starring: Oh Jiheon, Chae Gyeongseon, Kim Jincheol)"
Chae Seo-jin (born ) is a South Korean actress. She started her career as a young actress in the "Over the Rainbow" in 2006. She is known to be Kim Ok-bin's sister.In May, 2016, Chae decided to use Chae Seo-jin as her stage name instead of her birth name, Kim Go-un.
Dusk had fallen as Ahn-chae walked home. Ahn-chae felt something was bothering her movements in her right shoe, and took out her shoe to find that her right ankle was bleeding, an injury caused by the shoe. Ahn-chae put down her handbag to attend to her wounds.
Khun Chae National Park is located about northeast of Chiang Mai in the Wiang Pa Pao district of Chiang Rai Province. The park's area is . Khun Chae Park is located in the Khun Tan Range and is home to the range's highest peak, Doi Lang Ka at . The park adjoins two other national parks: Chae Son National Park and Mae Takhrai National Park.