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Henri Ernest Ponthier de Chamaillard, usually known as Ernest de Chamaillard, (9 December 1862, Gourlizon – 1931, Eaubonne) was a French artist, one of a group of painters who gathered in the Breton village of Pont-Aven.
Incumbent mayor Bill Enouy was re-elected in Kirkland Lake. Tony Antoniazzi, Normand Mino, Todd Morgan, Allan French, Jean-Guy Chamaillard and Tom Barker were elected to council.
John was born in Château d'Essay, the son of Peter II of Alençon and Marie de Chamaillard. In 1404, he succeeded his father as Count of Alençon and Perche. He was made Duke of Alençon in 1414.
Perrinet d'Orval was the son of Jean Perrinet d'Orval (1670–1729) and Madeleine Annes (died 1758). Jean Perrinet d'Orval was married two times, his first wife was Suzanne Chamaillard (1658–1705). From this first marriage he had four children: Jean Robert Perrinet (1696–1696), Marianne Perrinet d'Orval (born 1697), Jean Perrinet (born 1699) and Benjamin Perrinet (born 1700).
In the summer of 1886, he arrived in Pont-Aven where, staying at the Pension Gloanec, he met Paul Gauguin. He also became of friend of the other artists who had gathered there including Émile Bernard, Ernest de Chamaillard, Charles Laval and Henry Moret. He decided to settle in Pont-Aven and lived there until he died in 1931. Influenced by Gauguin, he adopted the Synthetist style of painting and became known as "le peintre de la lumière", the painter of light.
The son of a lawyer, de Chamaillard also studied law but without much enthusiasm. As his real interest was painting, in June 1888 he went to Pont-Aven where he met Paul Gauguin. He quickly adopted Gauguin's Impressionism, joining the other painters in the group including Charles Laval, Émile Bernard and Henry Moret. There he also met Louise Lamour whom he married the same year in Jersey. He spent several years in the Pont-Aven region, painting many landscapes. Gauguin took him as a student, encouraging him to adopt his simplistic approach.
The 13th century saw the beginning of the decline of the Pouancé House. The son of Guillaume III, Geoffroy II, died around 1244. His own son, Geoffroy III, died in 1263, leaving his daughter Jeanne only heir. She married Jean of Beaumont. Their grandson, Jean II of Beaumont, after a sterile union with his first wife Isabeau of Harcourt, married Marguerite of Poitiers. Their only son Louis of Beaumont died in 1364 during the battle of Cocherel. This is Marie Chamaillard, the granddaughter of Isabeau the first wife of Jean II, who got back the seigneury of Pouancé, adding it to the fiefs already owned by her husband, Pierre II of Alençon.
Moret first exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1880, presenting "La plage de Locqueltas à marée basse; côte de Bretagne". He maintained contacts with Corroller, often returning to Brittany. In 1888, he arrived in Pont-Aven which had begun to attract a number of artists including Ernest de Chamaillard, Émile Jourdan, and Charles Lavant, with Paul Gauguin playing the leading role. Moret was one of the first painters to move to nearby le Pouldu which soon became the new centre of attraction for the Pont-Aven artists. His work began to show signs of Symbolism, probably as a result of Gauguin's influence.