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chance              likelihood              hopes              risk              probability              risks              possibility              odds              effectiveness              incidences              opportunities              propensity              profits              hopefully              costs              danger              burden              profitability              dramatically              difficulty              enjoyment              seriously              accuracy              outcomes              drastically              potentially              immunogenicity              complexity              usability              desirability              longevity              consequences              motivation              mistakes              throughput              cost              robustness              prospects              attractiveness              hope              frustration              efficiency              usefulness              success              reliability              vastly              opportunity              probabilities              productivity              outcome             

Examples of "chances"
"Taking Chances" (I-Soul Extended Remix) (Taking Chances, 2007)
In baseball statistics, total chances (TC), also called chances offered, represents the number of plays in which a defensive player has participated. It is calculated as follows: Total Chances = assists + putouts + errors. Chances accepted refers to the total of putouts and assists only. Fielding percentage is calculated as chances accepted divided by total chances.
chances that he had missed in life, but cherished the chances he had been given.
So by "taking chances" the listener could assume he means "taking chances in love".
As Honeyman and Wade (2005, 15) point out, to increase the chances of ‘performance’ of a contract (and therefore reduce chances of a breach), a party should enhance:
significantly improving the collective chances of making
In September, a referendum ended Bern's chances of winning.
The coming of sound pictures limited its commercial chances.
"The Reason I Go On" (Taking Chances bonus track, 2007)
Consecutive fielding chances at each position without an error
The term doctrine of chances is any of several things:
The Minimax algorithm helps find the best move, by working backwards from the end of the game. At each step it assumes that player A is trying to maximize the chances of A winning, while on the next turn player B is trying to minimize the chances of A winning (i.e., to maximize B's own chances of winning).
This further hinders chances for regeneration and reinnervation.
"That's Just the Woman in Me" (Taking Chances, 2007)
"Esélyek és veszélyek" (Chances and risks), Budapest, 2002
and chances for reforms), Warszawa 1989 (Co-author)
Cohen however was bullish about the British industry's chances.
The Wildcats struggled with their few offensive chances.
"Right Next to the Right One" (Taking Chances, 2007)
Biomarkers that affect the pregnancy chances of IVF include: