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Koireng was the youngest son of Mairembam Chaoyaima Singh and Leishangbam Ningol Mairembam Ongbi Tombichao Devi. Chaoyaima was the Nongthomba in the Royal Court and was therefore popularly known as "Nongthomba". Koireng had four brothers, Mairembam Meina Singh, Mairembam Angangyaima Singh, Mairembam Nilachandra Singh and Mairembam Tambullo Singh, and three sisters, Mairembam Ningol Konjengbam Ongbi Tampak Devi, Mairembam Ningol Kumam Ongbi Leihao Devi and Mairembam Ningol Phairembam Ongbi Ashangbi Devi.
Main places of attraction are Chinga Lairembi temple, Tomjing ching, Panthoibee temple, Thoubal bazar, Khangabok Menjor garden, etc. Main shopping centres are Thoubal Keithel, Ningombam Luxmi Bazar, Athokpam Bazar, Babu Bazar etc. Thoubal College and Waikhom Mani Girls College are the colleges within the town. Notable schools are K M Blooming Higher Secondary School, The Somorendra Sana Royal Higher Secondary School, Vision Creative School of Science, The Fancier Abhiram Higher School, The Chaoyaima Higher Secondary School, Evergreen Flower School, Step Foundation, Ananda Purna High School, Ruda Academy, Paradise English School, MS Global Academy, etc. State Bank of India (SBI), United Bank of India (UBI) , Manipur State Cooperative Bank Ltd (MSCB Ltd), ICICI Bank , Axis Bank, HDFC , Bank of India , Canara Bank , Indian Overseas Bank , Central Bank of India and Punjab National Bank are banks operated in the area. YVU is One of the notable NGO's in Thoubal and biggest in the town. A brand new district hospital was inaugurated and is now functional. Khsetri sanglen is another clinic which in collaboration with Shija hospitals, is providing healthcare services to the town. Thoubal also has the distinction of having the first and only subway in the whole of Manipur. ;-) Many industrial as well as commercial start ups are booming in Thoubal town since early 21st century. Notable eateries are Sas Restaurant, Nono hotel,etc. Bokajan is one of the foremost and most successful self employed tycoon. one can find customers queueing up in front of his mansion 24x7, waiting for his service in peak season from late september to early march. One can get any brand of you-know-what-i-mean from Bokajan anytime of the year. Thoubal was also the venue for Singju festival 2017 which was hels at Khangabok Menjor Garden.