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kalyvakia              kryopigi              mesorrachi              petrochori              krini              fokaia              prasino              skillountia              vryses              karitsa              plagia              kainourgio              dafnoula              lefki              dotsiko              kyparissi              kampos              lefkonas              prastio              chrysavgi              artemida              koryfi              palaiochori              oreino              kerasia              toumpa              perivoli              drosato              myrofyllo              polichnitos              parapotamos              dirou              loutra              kalamitsi              amfithea              chrysopigi              spartia              kalyvia              vlacherna              gialos              kerasea              makrychori              fourka              koilada              elaiochori              elaionas              stavrodromi              chaliki              kefalari              polydendri             

Examples of "charavgi"
Nea Charavgi () is a village in the municipality of Kozani, northern Greece, located 5 km east of the center near the municipal park "Kouri". The population of Nea Charavgi was 1,294 at the 2011 census. Together with the old village Charavgi (pop. 6) it forms the community Charavgi.
Charavgi was named "Tzoumas" until 1928, and "Amygdala" between 1928 and 1961.
Donousa is located east of the island of Naxos and about north of Amorgos. Its area is and its highest point is . Its population is 167 inhabitants (2011 census), most of which live in the main settlement Donousa (also "Stavros"). Other villages include Mersini (on the southeastern coast), Kalotaritissa (near its northern coastline) and Charavgi (in the south).
There are 18 Primary schools in Kozani, and another 8, in the municipal departments of Vatero, Kariditsa, Koila, Lefkovrysi, Lefkopigi, Nea Charavgi, Xirolimni and Petrana. The Gymnasiums of the city are 8, and there are two more in the municipal departments of Lefkopigi and Xirolimni. There are also 4 Lyceums, 4 Technical Schools (TEE), some Business Schools and one municipal Odeum.
Sonia Theodoridou, who was born in Veria, Macedonia (Greece), grew up in old Charavgi (a village in the Agia Paraskevi region of Eordaea municipality). She attended the Greek National Conservatory, "Manolis Kalomiris," where she graduated with distinction and also with an "Excellent and Distinguished Performance" award (, Sept. 2011). She then won a Maria Kallas scholarship which allowed her to become a student at the Cologne Musical Academy. She then moved to London, where she studied with Vera Rosza (, Sept. 2011).