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Charland is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
All songs written by Douglas Robb, Daniel Estrin, Chris Hesse, Jesse Charland.
Richard Charland (born September 26, 1956) is a Canadian semi-retired professional wrestler.
In 2000, Rougeau participated in the "Lutte 2000" event, where he defeated Richard Charland.
Bourque was married twice: first to Henriette Charland and then to Clara Fortier.
Richard Charland became a wrestler with the encouragement by Mad Dog Vachon. The mat legend had met Charland, as a youngster, who was studying judo, and told him to consider professional wrestling as an option. Charland listened, and took up amateur wrestling for a few years before turning pro in 1972, at the young age of 16. He debuted in the Montreal-based Grand Prix Wrestling, and beat Pat Gerard Jr. in his first match.
Charland would join the WWF on shows throughout the United States and Canada for nearly three years, until May 1990.
Charland was estimated as having won over 700 races during his career. He was an inductee into the New England Antique Racers Hall of Fame and the DIRT Hall of Fame. In his later years Charland suffered from dementia. He died on September 30, 2013 in a nursing home in Amsterdam, New York.
Rougeau started wrestling in his native Canada in 1982. In 1983, while wrestling in the Montreal area, he formed a tag team with Dan Kroffat known as the Flying Canucks. They feuded with The Long Riders (Scott and Bill Irwin). They also had a rivalry with Richard Charland over Lutte Internationale's Canadian International Tag Team Championship. On February 8, 1987, Rougeau and Kroffat defeated Charland and Sheik Ali to win the title belts. They held the championship for over two months, dropping it to Charland and Chuck Simms on April 13. During his time with the company, Rougeau also competed as a singles wrestler, facing such opponents as Bob Orton, Jr.
At the International Wrestling 2000 card at the Centre Pierre Charbonneau, Gagné as Frenchy Martin managed Richard Charland in the semi-main event against King Kong Bundy.
Roy Vottero will serve as reeve of Thornloe. Pauline Charland, Allan Peddie, Pauline Peddie and Earl Reed will serve on council.
None of the available article/book reference the "Dominion Atlantic Railway" but rather the "Dominion Construction Company",or DCC. See 'Building an Empire' by Teresa Charland, ISBN 0968992927.
Born in Deschaillons, Quebec, the son of Wenceslas Habel and Henriette Charland, he served in the Canadian Army during World War I. From 1919 to 1926, he ran a general store in Amos.
Charland also competed in the NASCAR Grand National Division, now the Sprint Cup Series, running nine races between 1964 and 1971, including the 1966 Daytona 500, posting a best career finish of third at Fonda Speedway in 1966.
Rene Charland (November 13, 1928 – September 30, 2013), nicknamed "The Champ", was an American stock car racing driver. He was a four-time champion of the NASCAR National Sportsman Division, now known as the Nationwide Series.
Charland was born in Chicopee, Massachusetts on November 13, 1928 and made his home in Agawam. His racing career began in 1949 at Riverside Park Speedway in Massachusetts. By the 1960s he was part of a group of Northeastern racers called "The Eastern Bandits" who moved to the Mid-Atlantic and South to compete in NASCAR competition. In 1962 Charland won his first championship in the NASCAR National Sportsman Division, now the Nationwide Series. He won the title in the following three years, and finished third in the series' 1966 standings despite missing half of the season due to an injury suffered at Albany-Saratoga Speedway. His run of four straight championships gave Charland the nickname "The Champ", a name he became better known by than his given name.
Matawin river's main source is lake Matawin in Rouge-Matawin Wildlife Reserve, in Charland Township, about 8 miles southwest of Lake Charland, which is created by an expansion of "Rivière-du-milieu. Matawin ouest river flows prior to the South and cross many lakes up to the boundary of Mont-Tremblant National Park. Then the river goes toward East up to the village of Saint-Michel-des-Saints). The river empties into a large bay, in the village, at the south of the western part of réservoir Taureau (Taureau Reservoir). Lac-Taureau is an unorganized part of the Matawinie Regional County Municipality, which is part of the administrative region of Lanaudière territory.
On November 24, 1981 Dr. Drolet and Mr. Charland received patent approval for their electro-magnetic therapeutic system. Their drawings, as portrayed within the Canadian patent, labeled the device "Ri - 2000 MAGNETOTHERAPY SYSTEM". By 1983, Dr. Drolet and Mr. Charland were issued another patent titled ""ELECTRO-MAGNETIC THERAPEUTIC SYSTEM AND METHOD"" which described the ""Ri - 2000"" in much further details and labeled the device as ""Ri -2000 RHUMART-THERAPY SYSTEM"". This second patent maintained many similar characteristics to the 1981 patent. In fact both patents drew and labeled their devices with ""RODROL INSTRUMENTATION INC."".
After 1991, Charland began to cut back on his wrestling schedule, as he began working in construction, but still remained semi-active. In February 1994, he wrestled a WWF house show in Toronto, losing to Owen Hart. In July 1995, he wrestled a couple independent shows, wrestling Abdullah The Butcher. In April 1997, he wrestled a Montreal house show for World Championship Wrestling, teaming with Jacques Comptois in a loss to Martin and Serge Rolland. In 1999, Charland joined Jacques Rougeau's Lutte Internationale 2000, where he remained active until the promotion's closure in 2003.
System of 5 is an album by jazz pianist Pandelis Karayorgis, which was recorded in 2008 and released on the Swiss hatOLOGY label. It was the debut recording of a new quintet with saxophonist Matt Langley, trombonist Jeff Galindo, bassist Jef Charland and drummer Luther Gray.