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Travellers to Chegutu, through to Gweru can branch right in Chinhoyi into P13 Highway popularly known as the Chegutu-Chinhoyi Highway.
Chegutu-Chinhoyi Road is a primary paved road officially called the P13 Highway or P13 Road. It makes a right hand (north) T-Junction with the A5 about 500 metres east of Chegutu CBD.
There are nine primary schools in Chegutu: David Whitehead Primary School, Hartley Number 1 School, Chinengundu Primary School, Chegutu Primary School, Kaguvi Primary School, Pfupajena Primary School, Our Lady of Sorrow Primary School, Hartely 2 Primary School, and St Francis Primary School; and four secondary schools offering up to advanced level: St Francis High School, Pfupajena High School, Adventist High School, and Chegutu High School.
Chegutu (formerly Hartley) is a town in Mashonaland West Province, Zimbabwe.
Black was born in Hartley (now Chegutu), to an English mother and Scottish father.
The road joins Harare-- Chegutu-- Kadoma-- Kwekwe -- Gweru and ends in Bulawayo
There are four high density suburbs Chinengundu, Pfupajena, Chegutu, and Kaguvi (Phase 1 - 4) and one medium density suburb Umvovo. Pfupajena is populary known as "kumaPee" and Chegutu known as "kumaCee". To most people Chinengundu suburb is known as Heroes and the other part as ZMDC as the mining giant had built its staff houses in the area.
The district is located in Mashonaland West Province, in central northern Zimbabwe. Chegutu District is bordered by Kadoma District to the south and west, Zvimba District to the north and to the east, lies Mazoe District in Mashonaland Central Province. Its main town, Chegutu, is located about , by road, southwest of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe and the largest city in that country.
Chegutu District is primarily a mining district. Large gold deposits are found in the district and two large gold mines are located there, namely the "Butterfly Mine" and the "Giant Mine". The district headquarters is located in Chegutu, a city which lies of the Harare-Bulawayo Road, (Highway A-5), with an estimated population of 47,294 as of 2004.
It branches left (south) at the Selous, popularly known as Halfway roundabout 75 km southwest of Harare and 31 km northeast of Chegutu.
Annual rainfall in Chegutu averages . The town's mean temperatures vary between 23 °C in the hottest month to 14 °C in the coldest.
There is one football stadium; Pfupajena Stadium and one golf which houses the Chegutu Country Club. The local municipality owns one swimming pool.
Webster Kotiwani Shamu is a former Zimbabwean Zanu PF politician & Minister of Publicity and Information. He was previously Minister of State for Policy Implementation, and he is a member of parliament representing Chegutu constituency.
Chegutu lies on the A5 highway between Harare and Bulawayo. It is also on the railway line between the two cities. Secondary roads link it to Chinhoyi, Chakari and the Mhondoro communal lands.
The two major stores in Chegutu are TM SupermarketPick n Pay Stores and OK Zimbabwe Limited. Some of the popular stores include Zapalala, Denmag and MJ Stores. Just like most towns in Zimbabwe, vending is hype in Chegutu. Vendors sell wares from clothes to fruits and vegetables. The traditional shops like OK Zimbabwe and TM Pick & Pay have point of sale terminals and Ecocash merchant codes. The prices of most commodities does not significantly differ from those in Harare. Prolific shops like Edgars, Topics and Number One have also established their presence in Chegutu. Teachers Furniture, Coloursel and TV Sales and Homes make up the furniture stores found in the town. There are four service stations; Total Service Station, Engen, Zuva Service Station; all situated along Harare-Bulawayo High-way.
The town is located in Chegutu District, Mashonaland West, in central northern Zimbabwe. It lies in the Hartley Hills , southwest of the capital Harare at an altitude of above sea level.
Born in Gweru, in Zimbabwe's Midlands Province, Mhondoro attended Chipembere Primary School in Highfield, a suburb of Harare, before moving to Chegutu with his parents. A right-handed all-rounder, he featured in the squad for the Zimbabwean national under-19 team in 2006, without playing any matches. The majority of Mhondoro's cricket was played for the local Chegutu team in Midlands club leagues. His sole appearance for the Mid West Rhinos, a Zimbabwe Cricket franchise based in Kwekwe, came in the Pro50 Championship in December 2013.
Before 1982, Chegutu was known as "Hartley", named after Henry Hartley, an early hunter and explorer. The settlement of Hartley was originally located in the Hartley Hills east of where the town is located today. White settlers flocked to the area after gold was discovered and the Butterfly and Giant Mines were both established nearby. The settlement was moved to its present location in 1899. In 1901 the railway reached Hartley, which was proclaimed a village in 1903 and a town in 1942. A Town Council was established in 1968 and in 1974 Hartley was granted municipality status. In 1982 the town's name was officially changed to Chegutu.
The current population of Chegutu District is not publicly known. In 1992, the national census put the district population at 191,909 people. By 2002's national census, that population count had increased to 224,589. The next national population census in Zimbabwe is scheduled from 18 August 2012 through 28 August 2012.
Chitomborwizi is a farming area in Mashonaland West in Zimbabwe formerly known as Chitomborwizi African Purchase Area. The farms are small to medium (20 to 100 ha)sizes. Areas like these were created for black farmers during the colonial era, similar areas are Musengezi near Chegutu, Mushagashe near Chatsworth, Zimbabwe, Wilshere in Chivhu, Matepatepa in Mt Darwin to mention just a few.