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seong              hyon              keum              jeon              seol              yeom              hyeon              baek              jeong              byeon              chae              kyoo              kyoung              yeong              kyong              byun              gyeong              kwang              hyong              maeng              youn              jinho              yun              yong              pyung              yeop              hyang              hyeok              heon              myeong              byeong              gyung              deuk              gyu              kyeong              byoung              heepark              myong              sungho              jegal              hwakim              sunkim              ryeon              byung              seon              ryoo              pyong              eung              deok              ryeol             

Examples of "cheon"
They are the elder monks of Sho-Rhim Temple. Their name are Cheon Kwang, Cheon Gak, Cheon Seung, Cheon Woon.
Tributary streams of the Geum include the Gap-cheon, Yugu-cheon, Miho-cheon, Unsan-cheon, Seokseong-cheon, and Nonsan-cheon. Several small alluvial plains including the Honam and Nonsan Plain have been formed by the flow of the Geum and its tributaries.
Cheon, however recovered and began a prolific career.
Ji Cheong-cheon (1888–1959), also known as Yi Cheong-cheon, was a Korean independence activist during the period of Japanese rule (1910–1945). He later became a South Korean politician. His name was originally Yi Dae-hyeong, but he took the nom de guerre Ji Cheong-cheon, meaning "Earth and Blue Sky", while leading Korean guerrilla forces against the Japanese.
Onyang-dong's northern border is the Gokgyo-cheon, a stream which flows west to join the Samgyo-cheon before emptying into Asan Bay, while Sinjeong-ho, a small reservoir, lies to the south-west.
Cheon Seung-Bok, a journalist for the Korean Republic, describes Park's artistic style as such:
Young San Hue Sang(영산회상), Cheon Nyeon Man se(천년만세), Gagok(가곡). Boheosa(보허사), Yeominlak(여민락).
Cheon Min-ho (born April 6, 1987) is a Korean sport shooter.
Cheon un-yeong ( Hangul: 천운영) is a modern South Korean writer.
Qian (, ) is a Chinese surname, pronounced Chin in Cantonese, and Chun or Cheon in Korean.
A 42-year-old woman, she is Sang-sik's first younger sister and Cheon-soo's wife.
Former national swimmer Cheon-soo dreams of travelling to Palau, and to fund his trip he works as a swimming instructor by day while gambling at night. However, after losing a game of poker he finds himself heavily in debt and in trouble with the loan sharks. Kang, the head of a local drugs syndicate, offers to pay off Cheon-soo's debts; in return, Cheon-soo must work as a "marine boy", a mule who smuggles drugs across the open waters.
In a small town in South Korea, a corrupt detective named Cheon is asked by a church minister to arrest an unofficial street preacher, whose influence has been growing, and who has collected large donations. The donors are pressured into saying that they were defrauded, which leads to the preacher's imprisonment and subsequent torture by Cheon in order to extract a confession. To Cheon's surprise, the preacher demonstrates amazing endurance and will-power, leading Cheon to release him and to fund his preaching. Cheon uses their new-found friendship to bolster his own reputation and recruit henchmen. Around this time, a young girl named Lee is raped by three men, and Cheon earns her respect by beating them up.
As it turns out, Cheon has been serially extorting townspeople for their land, which he re-sells, and he has murdered anyone who didn't cooperate. Owing to his political connections, the police never indict him. Additionally, a mass poisoning occurred at a prayer house during this period, leaving dozens dead, and the culprit was never caught. Park, having spoken with Ryoo, builds a case against Cheon over the opposition of his corrupt superiors, and the last henchman Kim agrees to testify. Sadly, Cheon eaves-drops on the conversation and has Kim murdered. Ryoo angrily confronts Cheon, who reveals that Ryoo's father, upon realizing the extent of Cheon's corruption, attempted to murder Cheon in his sleep. Lee, fortunately, agrees to testify and to hand over evidence. She explains that years ago she had opposed a tentative plan to dispose of Ryoo's father, and in retaliation, Cheon's three henchmen had raped her.
Cheon Sang-byeong was born in Japan on January 29, 1930. He immigrated to Masan, Korea in 1945, after Korea was liberated from Japan. It was then that the 15-year-old Cheon began writing poems in the language of his ancestry. He published his first poem "River Water" while still in school. Cheon went to Seoul National University for a short period. In 1967 he was implicated in the East Berlin Spy Incident and jailed for six months during which he was brutally tortured. This experience scarred Cheon who became impotent and alcoholic. Found unconscious on the street Cheon was institutionalized and his friends, believing him to be dead, published a posthumous book of his poetry.
Pi Cheon-deuk (hangul: 피천득, hanja: 皮千得, "nom de plume": Geuma; April 21, 1910 - May 25, 2007)
The "Cheon Wang Bong"-class LST (Hangul:천왕봉) is an amphibious landing ship class of the Republic of Korea Navy.
The city's name derives from the Korean words "Je"(堤), which means Dam, and "cheon"(川) which means River.
In 2010, Kim Huonh Cheon was appointed as the new CEO and Tony Moly opened its 200th shop.
An 18-year-old boy, he is Sang-sik's nephew, Sang-hee and Cheon-soo's only son.