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kiprui              kipkemoi              kimaiyo              chesang              kiptoo              tirop              maiyo              kipngetich              chebii              chepkoech              mwangangi              cherop              kusuro              kipchumba              mokoka              kipkemboi              kipkosgei              ndiku              kiptum              kwambai              chebet              chepkurui              kibet              yator              chirchir              kipkorir              tibatemwa              kiplangat              ngeno              chelule              chepkwony              kipkirui              kimitei              rotich              haftu              chelimo              zakayo              kiplimo              nyariki              kamworor              kimutai              kangogo              jipcho              koskei              magut              achola              tsegay              songok              kabange              shikanda             

Examples of "cheptegei"
Down the backstretch with 4 and a half laps to go, many tried to move to the front to mark Farah, with elbows flying in the tightening pack. From this point Farah began to control the race, with Rop, Chelimo, the third Ethiopian Muktar Edris, Mead, Gebremeskel, Gebrhiwet, Cheptegei, Butchart, Ahmed and Lagat all in a row behind Farah. During the next lap and a half Butchart moved closer to Farah on the outside, then with almost 3 laps to go went around the outside and onto Farah's shoulder, creating a British team wall similar to the blocking techniques the Kenyans usually use. Cheptegei then moved to the outside of the wall making it three wide. Butchart was only able to stay there for about a half lap before falling back into the pack, but Cheptegei remained in place. Edris was looking for a way around.
Joshua Kiprui Cheptegei (born 12 September 1996) is a Ugandan long-distance runner. He competed in the 10,000 metres at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing finishing ninth. He ran at the 2016 Summer Olympics in the 5,000 metres and 10,000 metres, finishing eight and sixth respectively.
Mohamed Magdi Hamza (men's shot put) and Joshua Kiprui Cheptegei (men's 10,000 metres) both set championship records. Cheptegei and Yomif Kejelcha won the same long-distance events as they had at the 2014 World Junior Championships in Athletics. Divine Oduduru, the 2013 men's 200 metres champion, returned and defended his title and expanded his honours include the 100 metres and 4×100 metres relay gold medals. Reigning Commonwealth Games champion, Ese Brume defended her long jump title with a championship record mark and was the stand-out athlete of the meeting, winning this title as well as a triple jump gold, 100 m bronze, and 4×100 m gold with Nigeria (also in a championship record). Dawit Seyaum was the third athlete to return and defend their title, doing so in the women's 1500 metres, and also the third reigning World Junior champion to win at the meet.
Uganda, however, left Rio de Janeiro without a medal, in contrast to the previous Games. Distance runner Joshua Kiprui Cheptegei produced the most successful outcome for Uganda, finishing eighth in the men's 5,000 metres and sixth with a personal best in the men's 10,000 metres. The nation's most celebrated athlete, Kiprotich, failed to retain his marathon title, slipping to a fourteenth-place finish in Rio de Janeiro.
With a lap and a half to go, Cheptegei tried to speed up to go around Farah, but Farah exactly matched his speed. The rules of the road were clearly explained to the youngster, do not pass. Finally Gebrhiwet, bounced out of the pack several places behind at the same time Edris moved, the two collided with Edris bouncing sideways as Gebrhiwet made the bold move around Cheptegei and was ahead of Farah at the line and sprinting. He didn't want to give Farah the opportunity to get the jump on him like in the two previous World Championships. In the next 50 metres, Farah explained the rules of the road to him too, the two exchanging elbows as Farah would not let Gebrhiwet to move to the inside. When Gebrhiwet relented Chelimo filled the space between him and the curb, right behind Farah. Down the final backstretch, Gebrhiwet tried one more time, elbowing Chelimo as he went by with Chelimo losing his balance for a moment, then making contact with Ahmed following Gebrhiwet. Getting untangled, Chelimo ran down the backstretch after Gebrhiwet, who still couldn't get around Farah. Gebrhiwet slowed a little, Chelimo was again pinned to the curb, more contact with Ahmed as Chelimo was looking for running space.
The pack behind him scattered and Farah popped up quickly, his shoulder showing the scrapes of his collision with the ground. After this point the increased pace fractured the pack Farah returned to his marking position, usually fourth place behind the Kenyans with occasional surges by Ethiopians Tamirat Tola and Yigrem Demelash. Around 7000 metres and eight laps remaining, Kipsang and Karoki took their last turns at the front, but began to fade off the pace while Tamirat Tola and Yigrem Demelash took the point as the pace quickened. Breaking away from the remaining pack, the two Ethiopians, Tanui, Farah, Rupp and Joshua Kiprui Cheptegei continued in close order. With four laps to go, Farah took the lead, but instead of trying to break away, he simply defended the point.
This race was the completion of Farah's attempt to complete the second Woolworth double (5 and 10). His race tactics were well known and his results consistent. Somebody had to do something different in order to beat him. From the gun in the final, two Ethiopian runners went to the front, while Farah dropped to his customary tail end position. Dejen Gebremeskel and Hagos Gebrhiwet went to the front and were pushing the pace. Paul Kipkemoi Chelimo moved in behind them. Farah sensed the change in tactics and moved up much earlier than normal to a position in the middle of the strung out pack, to watch the action. While the two Ethiopians were sharing the lead duty, Gebrhiwet was taking the lion's share. 19 year old Joshua Kiprui Cheptegei moved in to mark Farah's moves. With five and a half laps to go, the situation started to change. Chelimo moved up, passing Gebrhiwet, who fell back into the field. Farah used this occasion to hit the front.