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Examples of "chetcuti"
Chetcuti currently lives in Worcester, Massachusetts in the United States after residing in the United Arab Emirates, his place of residence since 1995. Chetcuti is currently studying for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at MCPHS University. He was a Biology major at Georgia Institute of Technology. Chetcuti attended high school at Dubai College where he was Head Boy. Chetcuti is in a relationship with Megan Young.
Chetcuti was one of five athletes to represent Team Malta in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Chetcuti placed third in the 100 m freestyle, but did not qualify for the semi-finals.
Griscti and Chetcuti had combined to mould our side into a formidable one.
Malta competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, which was held from 27 July to 12 August 2012. The country's participation at London marked its fifteenth appearance in the Summer Olympics since its début at the 1928 Summer Olympics. The delegation included two track and field athletes, Rachid Chouhal and Diane Borg, one double trap shooter William Chetcuti and two swimmers Andrew Chetcuti and Nicola Muscat. All five competitors qualified for the Games through wildcard places. William Chetcuti was selected as the flag bearer for the opening ceremony while Borg held it at the closing ceremony. Choudai did not progress beyond the preliminary stages of the men's 100 metres, while Borg advanced to the first round of the women's 100 metres before being eliminated. William Chetcuti finished ninth in the double trap shooting event, while Andrew Chetcuti and Muscat were unable to progress to the first rounds of their respective swimming disciplines.
Chetcuti took up shooting at the age of 10, being introduced to the sport by his father and grandfather.
The Maltese delegation featured three returning Olympians, including double trap shooter and medal prospect William Chetcuti, who set a historic record as the first Maltese to participate in four straight Games. Joining him were freestyle swimming sprinters Nicola Muscat and Andrew Chetcuti, who became the nation's flag bearer in the opening ceremony. Malta, however, has yet to win its first ever Olympic medal.
As of the London 2012 Olympic Games no Maltese competitor has won an Olympic medal. However shooter William Chetcuti (who has won World Championship events) missed the Double Trap Shooting final in 2004, 2008 and 2012 by a relatively slim margin. In 2004 and 2008 Chetcuti was tied for 6th (the required placing to enter the final), but lost at a tie breaker.
The members of Neptunes’ first side, way back in 1929, were Joe Demarco, John Chetcuti, Frank Bardon, Franz Mattei, Gerry Degiorgio, Jerry Calleja Gera and Joe Albanese.
Jeffrey Chetcuti (born 22 April 1974 in Malta) is a professional footballer currently playing for Maltese First Division side Gżira United, where he plays as a defender.
Franz Wismayer, Jimmy Chetcuti and the Podestà brothers, Wilfred and Arthur, the latter known as Babsie, gradually made the grade and were drafted in to support the squad.
A ‘toddler’ by the name of Joe Chetcuti, who eventually proved to be a fast swimmer and a sharp-shooter established himself in the side.
Barbara was never married. Maltese-Australian author Joseph Chetcuti claimed Barbara was a lesbian in his 2009 book on the LGBT history of Malta, based on interviews with her contemporaries.
The five athletes that were selected to compete at the London Games were Rachid Chouhal in the men's 100 metres, Diane Borg in the women's 100 metres, William Chetcuti in the men's double trap shooting, Andrew Chetcuti in the men's 100 metre freestyle and Nicola Muscat in the women's 50 metre freestyle. As in the 2004 Summer Olympics, Chetcuti was the flag bearer for the opening ceremony while Borg held it for the closing ceremony. Along with the five athletes, the Malta Olympic team consisted of chef de mission and the country's NOC vice-president Julian Pace Bonello, director of sport Mark Cutajar who served as his assistant, secretary general Joe Cassar and director of finance David Azzopardi. The athletes were coached by Jimmy Bugeja, Andy Colbourn and Mario Bonello, with Lucienne Attard, Adele Muscat and Milos Stanisavljevic from the Maltese NOC's medical commission attending the Games.
Andrew Chetcuti (born 19 November 1992 in Pietà) is a Maltese freestyle and butterfly swimmer specialising in short course events. He holds 5 individual national records, and 2 in relays.
Maltese double trap shooter William Chetcuti won a gold medal in the 2013 Mediterranean Games. This was the first gold medal in any event for Malta since Malta started participating in these games.
Mac started out as scratch DJ at the age of 11. He met his production partner Rob Chetcuti in a hip-hop group in Malta. They formed the group, The Rhythm Masters.
Flores was gay and it has been suggested that Flores had a relationship with the Maltese editor Herbert Ganado and served as his best man. Chetcuti describes how, ""On the eve of the wedding, Flores dressed up as a woman, and on another occasion, Flores and others put on a drag show sending up Queen Victoria"."
Grognet married Signora Orsetta della Grazie Paleologo in 1834. He lived mostly in the capital Valletta, but while supervising the construction of the rotunda he lived at a house in Mosta belonging to the notary Francesco Chetcuti. This townhouse is now called Villa Grognet, and its design is attributed to Grognet.
On 19 and February 20, the Maltese final was held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, and was hosted by Mariella Scerri and Joseph Chetcuti. There were 16 songs in the final, and the winner was decided by an expert jury – one of whom was Mojca Mavec, the presenter of the Slovene NF.
In 2010 author Joseph Chetcuti published a book titled "Queer Mediterranean Memories" that made the claim that Saint George Preca had been a (repressed) homosexual but who had nevertheless led a chaste life. However some arguing for and against this suggest that the evidence presented is on "tenuous grounds" but is plausible.