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Examples of "chhb"
However, due to the late 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the undertaking was deemed no longer viable and necessitated the Government taking over of the 55% and 15% stake in Cyberview shares held by SHSB and NTT respectively via the Ministry of Finance Inc (MOF Inc). The transaction gave MOF Inc a 70% stake and Cyberview has remained a government-owned company ever since. Cyberview then entered into an agreement with SHSB with shareholders comprising Country Heights Holdings Berhad (CHHB), Landmarks, Menara Embun (an MKLand Controlled Company) and Renong (now UEM World) with equal shares of 25%; granting SHSB the right to develop Cyberjaya as the master developer, while Cyberview became the landowner. In 2004, CHHB and Landmarks sold their equity interest in SHSB to MKLand-controlled companies, namely Modern Eden (12.5%), Impressive Circuits (12.5%) and Virtual Path (25%), resulting in MKLand-controlled companies becoming the majority shareholder of SHSB.
The current Mines Wellness City was formerly the site of the Hong Fatt Mine, which was the largest opencast tin mine in the world, covering , including the lakes. The Malaysian Government alienated the land to Country Heights Holdings Bhd (CHHB) on 30 March 1988 for recreational and tourism purposes. Country Heights Holdings Berhad is founded by Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Dato' Paduka Lee Kim Yew and incorporated officially on 10 May 1984 under a private limited company with the name of Kurniata Sdn Bhd.