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miwako              mayuko              harumi              etsuko              takako              ruriko              michiyo              yasuko              chieko              yukiko              miyoko              wakana              makiko              sumiko              momoi              mayumi              chinami              yuriko              hidemi              akemi              kazuko              machiko              tokiko              kuniko              mieko              kumiko              rieko              fumiko              mitsue              taneda              chisato              eriko              katsuko              ikuko              yumiko              mikako              shizue              yuuko              haruko              hideko              misako              sayuri              atsuko              andou              hiroko              chizuko              kanami              tomoko              tomonori              kazue             

Examples of "chikako"
Ryoichi (Ureo Egawa), a student, and Chikako (Yoshiko Okada), his older sister, go through their morning routine. Chikako gives Ryoichi his pocket money and he leaves for university.
Chikako WSR (WSR Fairtex Gym) vs. Hanako Nakamori (JWP)
Chikako WSR (WSR Fairtex) vs. Satoko Ozawa (Team Dragon)
Chikako returns home later that night to find Ryoichi still awake. He confronts her, demanding that she give up her job at the bar. When Chikako fails to justify her behaviour, Ryoichi repeatedly strikes her. Chikako implores Ryoichi to work hard at university, thereby making her hardships worthwhile. Ryoichi storms out.
Chikako touches up her makeup at the cabaret bar, and then phones Ryoichi to tell him that she will be late home. Ryoichi hangs up and Chikako gets into the back of a car with a customer.
Yakata Miki and Matsumoto Chikako are the leader and the vice-leader of Team S respectively.
At Chikako's office, a police officer asks Chikako's boss for her employment records. The boss tells him that Chikako also works evenings for a professor. Chikako remains unaware that she is under investigation.
"Koui": Minamoto no Chikako (源周子) (?–935), daughter of Sadaiben Minamoto no Tonau (源唱)
He was the son of Emperor Go-Daigo and his consort Minamoto no Chikako.
Court lady: Minamoto no Chikako (源親子), daughter of Kitabatake Morochika (北畠師親)
Nyōgo: Fujiwara no "Kaishi"/Chikako (藤原懐子) (945–975), daughter of Fujiwara no Koretada (藤原伊尹)
Court lady: Fujiwara no Chikako (藤原親子), daughter of Kazan'in Munechika (花山院宗親)
Chikako talks with three newspaper reporters. One of them enters her house uninvited and questions Harue, who is kneeling before Ryoichi's body. Eventually the reporters leave, muttering "there's no scoop here". As Harue weeps, Chikako insults Ryoichi, calling him a "weakling" for his unwillingness to comprehend his sister's motives.
Ninkō's Imperial family lived with him in the Dairi of the Heian Palace. This family included 7 sons and 8 daughters from various concubines, but only the future Emperor Komei (Komei"-tennō"), Princess Sumiko (Sumiko"-naishinnō") and Princess Chikako (Chikako"-naishinnō") survived beyond childhood.
Hassan Hakmoun () (born September 16, 1963) is a New York City-based Moroccan musician. He specializes in the Gnawa style. He is currently married to Chikako Iwahori.
The next morning, Kinoshita dons his police officer's uniform. He tells Harue that she should have let "him" talk to Ryoichi, and then leaves for work. Chikako comes to the door looking for Ryoichi, since he did not return home the previous night. Harue invites Chikako inside and tearfully reveals that she told Ryoichi what she had heard about Chikako's job. Harue takes a phone call from Kinoshita, who has arrived at the police station. He tells her that Ryoichi has committed suicide. Harue informs Chikako that her brother is dead.
Harue visits Ryoichi and tells him what she has heard about Chikako. At first Ryoichi laughs, before becoming angry and demanding that Harue leave.
Chikako Nakamori (born 11 April 1967) is a Japanese former swimmer who competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics and in the 1988 Summer Olympics.
In the next two bouts of the night, both kickboxing matches, Tomoko SP defeated Kaoru Chatani and Chikako WSR defeated Hanako Nakamori. Both wins came via unanimous decision after three rounds.
Yoshimoti competed in badminton at the 2004 Summer Olympics in women's doubles with partner Chikako Nakayama. They had a bye in the first round and were defeated by Saralee Thungthongkam and Sathinee Chankrachangwong of Thailand in the round of 16.