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Examples of "chillas"
Pashto and Hindko are the locally spoken languages.The Jhalkad-Chillas road connects Naran to Chillas through Babusartop.
Not long after being hired, Phil is beaten up by a couple of drug dealers who have mistaken him for Pete Plum, a pseudonym used by Sonny. Phil draws the conclusion that Sonny had been moving money around for Chillas, and that he had stolen some of the money and was killed as a result. Phil confronts Chillas with the information, and they confront one another in a liquor cellar. Phil manages to knock Chillas out, and soon the police arrive and arrest him and Bruce. The movie ends just as Phil is asked to sing.
The park's forests provide habitat for wildlife such as pumas, chillas, culpeos, pudúes, coypus, Harris's hawks, lesser grisons, Molina's hog-nosed skunks, and the rare monitos del monte.
The Rosses were serious collectors and acquired numerous pieces of early 19th century New Brunswick furniture made by such cabinetmakers as Thomas Nisbet, Alexander Lawrence, Robert Chillas, John and Jonas Howe, Albert Lordly and Alban Emery.
The local mammals in the area are mainly pumas, culpeos, chillas, the quique (kind of weasel) and the kodkod (wild cat). The bird species found in the park goes from a large varieties of ducks, condors, traros, eagles, and wood pigeon.
John Stalker Chillas (born 31 July 1951) is a Scottish professional golfer. He won the Scottish PGA Championship twice, in 1976 and 2001. He has also won three times on the European Seniors Tour. He tied for 52nd place in the 1984 Open Championship.
Later at the club, Phil is arrested for destruction of city property and trespassing in the area they raced through, reckless driving, and hit-and-run and manslaughter for Sonny's death. The hit-and-run and manslaughter charges are dropped but Phil is found guilty of the other three charges - as a result, Phil is placed on probation and is stripped of his driver's license. Phil quickly launches into an investigation into Sonny's murder, his first suspect being Jana. She denies any involvement, and joins Phil in his investigation. He follows the trail of clues to nightclub owner Sidney Chillas (Sonny's assailant), and Chillas's lackey Bruce, who runs the gym Sonny used to frequent. Chillas hires Phil as a singer under the alias of "Daddy-O".
Dawal Shah Wali or Abdul Malik Latif is said to have been the groom of 'Ali. After the death of his master, Dawal Shah Wali travelled about; and monuments were erected to his memory in the different places which he visited. In this manner, there are about 360 "chillas" to him in the Dakhan, besides numerous "astanas" containing some of his sacred relics. He suffered martyrdom at Kattiawad. A "chilla" to Dawal Shah Wali is found within the city walls of Aurangabad to the left of the Mecca gate, and is resorted to every Thursday by Mahomedans and Hindus. The poor people ascribe all manner of sickness to Shah Wali, and make offerings to his tomb. There is another "chilla" to him at Elora, and a shrine to his mother called "Man sahib ki chilla." Babulgaon in the Gangapur taluka, and Pipalwari 6 miles from Paithan, have "astanas" to Shall Wali. Two more "astanas" occur in the Baijapur taluka.
Tsakane has three Shopping malls malls, Tsakane Mall, Tsakane Corner as well as The square and other smaller shopping centers which are located in different sections of the township: Duduza Rank, Extension 11 and Extension 19. Tsakane mall is not very big but have many stores inside including banks. The shopping centers are very small compared to the upmarket malls and have few retail stores and bank ATMs. Two well known supermarkets in the mall that most people buy food from is Shoprite as well as Spar. Shoprite is also found in the other two shopping centers: Extension 11 and Extension 19 shopping centers. There are fast-food restaurants, clubs and other places that people go to on special occasions, such as when celebrating a public holiday. Places used for as night venues are: Chillas, Dinangwe, A2A and Welcome's place. The people of Tsakane like to eat out a lot and also support their local township food business which sells bunny chow.
In 1908 Thomson beat Watt 146 to 153 in the 36-hole playoff. In 1970 Shade and Webster scored 70 in the 18-hole playoff with Huish scoring 73. Shade won at the next hole in a sudden-death playoff. In 1971 Gallacher beat Brown 68 to 73 in the 18-hole playoff. In 1975 Huish beat Wood at the second extra hole. In 1979 Lyle beat Torrance at the third extra hole. In 1982 Barnes beat Thomson at the second extra hole. In 1983 Gallacher beat Drummond at the second extra hole. In 1994 Coltart beat Orr at the second extra hole. In 1999 the Championship was awarded to the leading Scot in the European Tour Scottish PGA Championship. In 2001 Chillas beat Urquhart at the second extra hole. In 2004 Ronald beat Kelly at the second extra hole with a birdie. In 2006 Robertson beat Lee at the second extra hole with a birdie. In 2010 Doak beat Wright at the fourth extra hole. In 2015 Kelly beat McKechnie at the first extra hole with an eagle 3. In 2016 Wright beat O'Hara at the first extra hole with an eagle 3.