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mayuko              michiyo              chiharu              ayano              rieko              mikako              natsuko              misako              eriko              mieko              suguru              momoko              yasuko              machiko              miyoko              yumiko              harumi              asako              fumi              takako              shizue              chihiro              yousuke              chinami              sayuri              hiroto              etsuko              taneda              kikuko              yukiko              miwako              eisuke              mayumi              makiko              hisae              yukari              andou              kumiko              kazue              shiori              sachiko              shinjo              hideko              kuniko              chikako              fumiko              shinobu              utako              hiroe              ryunosuke             

Examples of "chinatsu"
Chinatsu Nakayama (中山千夏 "Nakayama Chinatsu")
Chinatsu Ban (坂 知夏 "Ban Chinatsu", born 1973) is a Japanese artist.
Ril is the LRIG of Suzuko Homura. She was created from Suzuko's memories of Chinatsu and thus has many of the same personality traits as Chinatsu.
Chinatsu can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:
Shohei Shirai is the high-school aged Selector of Donor. He is a unique Selector as he insists on waiting out the 90-day time limit, instead of battling to win like the other Selectors. He has known Chinatsu since they were both in middle-school, and has had a crush on her ever since then. After finding out that Chinatsu has been working for the Bookmaker, Kou Satomi, Shohei makes repeated attempts to save Chinatsu from him.
Twenty-something lesbian Chinatsu shares an apartment with Kyoko. Although Chinatsu and Kyoko have a passing attraction, Kyoko is mostly interested in men, especially one who tends the fish in a pet store, who despite her efforts, doesn't seem to be interested in her.
School newspaper's photographer, Chinatsu wants to be a journalist, is always raving about finding the next "Great Scoop" even though she is only a 4th year elementary student like the Ganbar guys. Chinatsu is a childhood friend of Kotaro and is always quarrel with him, but Yellow Ganbar's fan since saved by him.
Mel is the LRIG of Chinatsu Morikawa. She was created from Chinatsu's memories of Suzuko and thus has many of the same personality traits as Suzuko.
The main character designs were split between two designers: Chinatsu Kurahana, who worked on the male characters, and Ishida Kana, who was in charge of the female ones.
Chinatsu and Shin'ichi formed the band in 1993, while they were studying at university. The band's name comes from a sugar factory in Kawasaki, Kanagawa.
The opening and ending themes are and "Best Friends", both by the lead cast: Manami Numakura, Chinatsu Akasaki, Inori Minase, Ayane Sakura and Yō Taichi.
The opening theme is "Love Shitai—!" while the ending theme is "Best FriendS", both by Manami Numakura, Chinatsu Akasaki, Inori Minase, Ayane Sakura and Yō Taichi.
Rio Koshiba is the very young Selector of Mama, who attends a public elementary school. She battles and loses to Chinatsu in episode 2. However, some time later, she reveals to Chinatsu during a play-date that her mother died while she was in the 3rd grade, and that her wish is to erase the memory of her mother's death in the hopes of seeing her mother again.
Chinatsu, an immortal vampire from Japan, looks for her family's killer, and also her vampire sire. She mercilessly searches throughout many time periods and centuries in order to exact her revenge.
The band consists of vocalist Chinatsu Shoyama and guitarist Shin'ichi Ogawa; the band also usually includes a keyboardist and drummer, these roles being filled by a changing roster of musicians.
Satoh has composed for film, television and advertisements. For instance, he made the music of Kanashimi no Belladonna, a film in which the sound is very important ; all the songs of this movie are performed by his wife, Chinatsu Nakayama.
In the original Japanese version of the anime series, s/he was voiced by Shiho Niiyama in one of her final roles before her death. In the musicals, Seiya has been portrayed by Sayuri Katayama and Chinatsu Akiyama.
In a Japanese port town, Tatsuo Sato (Go Ayano), a traumatized man, spends his days drifting aimlessly and his nights drinking himself to oblivion. Whiling his hours away at a pachinko parlor, he meets Takuji Ohshiro (Masaki Suda), a young man on parole who impulsively invites him to a shabby house on the outskirts of town. There, Tatsuo glimpses Takuji’s bedridden father and callous mother, and meets his world-weary older sister Chinatsu Ohshiro (Chizuru Ikewaki). While immediately drawn to each other, romance is an unaffordable luxury for the emotionally closed-off Tatsuo and the disillusioned Chinatsu, who sells herself to provide for her family and keep her brother out of jail. As Tatsuo and Chinatsu take tentative steps towards a relationship, the happy-go-lucky Takuji latches onto Tatsuo, binding their fates. Each step they take to build a better life sets off a chain of actions that have devastating consequences.
Kiyoi Mizushima or Piruluk is a former LRIG from the first series Selector Infected WIXOSS. She first reappears as a Selector again in Episode 2 as Chinatsu's first opponent, who she promptly defeats. She later reveals her past as an LRIG to Chinatsu as well the events surrounding the first Selector Battles, in addition to warning her about Kou Satomi.
An anime TV series adaptation, produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Kanta Kamei, aired in Japan from January 6 to March 31, 2013. The anime was simulcast by Crunchyroll, subtitled in English. The opening theme is "Girlish Lover" by Chinatsu Akasaki, Yukari Tamura, Hisako Kanemoto and Ai Kayano, and the ending theme is "W:Wonder Tale" by Yukari Tamura.