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kudumba              varavu              kottaram              kolacase              rahasyam              veedhi              angadi              puthu              pattalam              nanma              singari              kalloori              swargam              sukham              mangalya              nirangal              iniyum              manathe              ponnu              aathi              nagaram              kizhakku              thottam              yaanai              adavi              sidha              sookshikkuka              thamburan              poocha              kaadu              kaattu              kondaveeti              ezhai              abhayam              kattalai              noottandu              theru              chuvanna              sambhavam              kutumbam              prayanam              pattathu              manushyan              theerpu              kodathi              hrudaya              varam              raktha              bangaarada              sorgam             

Examples of "chinthamani"
"Jeevaka Chinthamani", "Sripurana", "Thirukkural" and "Tholkappiyam." by J Srichandran.
A 60-year-old government middle school operates in Chinthamani.
All the streets of Chinthamani are named with national leader’s name. Some of the streets are Kamarajar street, Anna street, Bharathiyaar Street, VOC street. There are two large water reservoirs (also called as ‘ஊரணி’ in Tamil) in Chinthamani. Chinthamani experiences dry weather for most of the year. Its STD code is 04549.
In 2011, Chinthamani joined with Madurai Corporation and it is under the third Mandalam of Madurai Corporation. Chinthamani is the 56th ward in Madurai Corporation. Its Lokshabha Constituency is Virudhunagar and its Vidhan Sabha constituency is Tirupparangunram.
It ran more than 100 days in Devi Paradise, Chennai and Chinthamani in Madurai etc.
It is located 4 km South of Madurai headquarters, 9 km from Tirupparangunram. 492 km from State capital Chennai.Madurai Airport is located in 1.5 km from Chinthamani. Anuppanadi ( 1 km ), Sourastra Teachers Colony ( 1 km ), Keerathurai ( 1 km ), Villapuram ( 2 km ), Rajamaan Nagar ( 2 km ) are the nearby villages. Thirupuvanam, Thirumangalam, Sholavandan are the nearby Cities to Chinthamani. Sub Villages in Chinthamani are Ayyanarpuram, Burmacolony, Kajendrapuram, Kannan Colony.
Melagaram consists of Chinthamani, Bharathi Nagar, Melagaram, NGO Colony, State Bank Colony, Indira Nagar, Min Nagar, Nannagaram, Kudiyiruppu
Meenakshi from Madurai Meenakshi temple visited Chinthamani and started agriculture there. This became the specialty of ‘Kathir Aruppu Thiruvizha’.
In 2006,he was seen in the Suresh Gopi-Shaji Kailas blockbuster,Chinthamani Kolacase,where he played the father of the title character chinthamani enacted by bhavana.In 2007, he acted in "Ekantham", for which he received a special mention from the jury.
Chinthamani is a village in Madurai district, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The town comes under the Thirupparangundram constituency.
In Chinthamani, the main industry is Appalam Company and Rice Mills.Hundreds of people from all around Tamil Nadu visited K.Pandi Astrologer every day.
Chinthamani Kolacase ("translated as Chinthamani Murder File") is a legal thriller movie loosely based on an English short story called The Veteran. Directed by Shaji Kailas with Suresh Gopi in the lead role and Bhavana playing the central character, this film narrates the story of a Lal Krishna Viradiyar, a brahmin lawyer and his style of law enforcement and criminal verdict for the criminals after the court sessions.
One of Chary's sons Chinthamani Raghava Chary was also an astronomer and helped Chary in preparing a "Drigganita Panchang" for the year 1880. One of Chary's relatives P. Raghavachari served as third assistant at the Madras Observatory in 1877.
City Bus service to all places of tourist interest from Central Bus Stand and from Chinthamani -Main Guard Gate Bus Stand (Both in Trichy). Tourist Taxis andAuto Rickshaws are also available at reasonable rates.
Shri Laxmi-Narasimha Swamy temple in Mallur (7 km away from Mangapet) is located deep in the forests by the southern banks of the Godhavari River. Chinthamani Lake is a freshwater lake.
The places to see near this village are Maariyamman Teppakulam and Thirupparankundram Temple. Chinthamani is a land for rice cultivation and nearly two hundred people have their own land to cultivate rice.
The justification for the killings is to prevent leakage of the questions to other contestants. Chinthamani agrees and also convinces her father for the contest. The first to be sacrificed happens to be her cousin Purantharan(E. R. Sahadevan), who is keen to marry her. In this manner, she kills 999 people, which includes six elder brothers of Prince Meyyazhagan(P. S. Govindan). He decides to take revenge on Chinthamani when he comes to know about the killings, and comes to her kingdom with his friend and assistant Kali(Kali N. Rathnam). They decide to find the questions and their answer before venturing to meet Chinthamani. In this process, the prince falls in love with Chinthamani's friend Princess Sengamalam(S. Varalakshmi).
The story revolves around a paying guest home run by Chinthamani Ammal(K. P. A. C. Lalitha) who is a determined man-hater due to a failed love affair. Only man-haters are allowed as paying guests. Ponnamma (Kalpana) hates men because of her parents being partial to her twin brother Ponnappan(Kalpana). Another guest, Nancy, is a lawyer and is engaged on a post divorce custody battle for the child with Tony Varghese. Rudra and Bhagyarekha pretend to be man-haters to please Chinthamani Ammal.
Aayiram Thalai Vaangi Apoorva Chinthamani ("ஆயிரம் தலை வாங்கி அபூர்வ சிந்தாமணி" ) is a 1947 Indian Tamil language adventure-thriller film directed and produced by T. R. Sundaram. The screenplay was written by T. R. Sundaram and the dialogue by Bharathidasan. Music was composed by G. Ramanathan. The film stars M. R. Swaminathan, P. S. Govindan, V. N. Janaki and Kali N. Rathnam in the lead roles with S. Varalakshmi, M. G. Chakrapani, C. T. Rajakantham in supporting roles. The film was a big success among the masses. Thirteen years later, the film was remade in Telugu under the title "Sahasra Sirchedha Apporva Chinthamani" (1960) and that version was dubbed and released in Kannada.
A Saint(M. R. Swaminathan) wants to become all powerful(Ashtamasithi) and prays to obtain such powers. He was told that if he can achieve the sacrifice of 1000 men, he shall achieve such a supreme power. As he cannot achieve this feat on his own, he works out a plan. Princess Apoorva Chinthamani(V. N. Janaki) is the daughter of a king Neethi Kethu(M. G. Chakrapani). Due to her intelligence knowledge and interest in various arts, she is referred to as "Apoorva Chinthamani". The happy king encourages her learn more. The magician comes to the Aditayapuri Kingdom in the garb of a Saint and becomes Chinthamani's teacher.