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Examples of "chirundu"
The Chirundu Petrified Forest is an area of fossil trees 21 km west of Chirundu, lying just south of the Chirundu-Lusaka road near the Kariba turn-off. It is a listed National Monument of Zambia.
For those not worried about crossing borders the M15 Highway is the shortest route from Chirundu, Zimbabwe to Kariba via Chirundu, Zambia and Siabonga. It is only 72 km, which is the Chirundu, Zimbabwe to Kariba via Makuti's
Waypoints from South to North; Harare to Chirundu.
On the Zimbabwe side the township is also called Chirundu.
The Chirundu-Harare Highway which is a regional road corridor namely R3 Highway is a national road called A1 Highway. It runs generally in a south-easterly direction from Chirundu Border Post to Harare a distance of . The Chirundu-Harare Highway is part of the Regional Trunk Road Network (RTRN Link Nr 22) as well as the Trans-African Highway Nr 9.
Together with the R3 Highway which runs from Harare to Chirundu, the R1 Highway is part of the North-South Corridor which is the Cairo-Cape Town Highway. (Chirundu to Beitbridge 897 kilometres. "557 miles")
R3 Highway is a primary road in Zimbabwe from the capital city Harare to Chirundu.
Chirundu is the only town on the Zambezi where two bridges cross the river.
Chirundu is a village and border post in Zimbabwe on the border with Zambia, in Mashonaland West province. The name Chirundu means "people following one another in a line or queue" probably referring to the crossing of the Zambezi river by bridge at Chirundu. The village is located on the banks of the Zambezi river, and as a result it lies in the hot Zambezi Valley. It is the site of the Chirundu Bridges, two of only five road or rail bridges across the Zambezi river.
The local road corridor has two legs; the Chirundu-Harare and the Harare-Beitbridge Highways.
The Chirundu Bridge now consists of two road bridges side by side across the Zambezi River between the small town of Chirundu, Zambia and the village of Chirundu, Zimbabwe. At this location around 65 km downstream from the Kariba Dam the river is about 400 m wide. The bridges carry the Harare to Lusaka section of the Great North Road, which extends between South Africa and East Africa, and was once seen as part of a Cape to Cairo Road.
The links are numbered from North to South; from Chirundu border with Zambia) to Beitbridge border with South Africa.
On the Zambian side it begins from a T-junction with the T2 Highway which runs from Lusaka to Chirundu.
In March 1966 four small groups of ZANLA guerillas crossed the Zambezi near Chirundu, the first nationalist incursion following UDI.
On the Zambian side of the river is a slightly larger town also called Chirundu. The bridge is the principal border crossing for traffic travelling from Harare in Zimbabwe, to Lusaka in Zambia. Chirundu is surrounded by wildlife/safari areas, elephants frequently wander around the village. It is also a popular destination for fishing.
Chirundu, Zambia is a town in Zambia at the border with Zimbabwe and is a key point on the Great North Road. It is the site of two of the five major road or rail bridges across the Zambezi river, the Chirundu Bridges.
The North-South Corridor Aid-for-Trade Programme’s specific objective is to contribute to the upgrading of the Chirundu-Harare Highway section of the North-South Corridor road network through rehabilitation of the highway. The Chirundu to Harare section of the Regional Trunk Road Network (RTRN Link Nr 22) has 4 road links to be rehabilitated.
Marongora Wildlife Campsite is about from Chinhoyi towards Chirundu, that is just more than northwest of Harare. Tickets to Manna Pools are obtained here.
Karoi is about 85 kilometres (53 miles) by road, north-west of Chinhoyi, or about 200 kilometres (120 miles) from Harare and 154 kilometres (96 miles) before Chirundu.
Makuti is the last significant waypoint before Chirundu. The M15 highway branches sharply right here to Kariba through to Zambia’s Siavonga Border Post via the Kariba Dam wall.