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The title track is a cover of the homonymous song by Chisato Moritaka.
All lyrics and music were written and composed by Tsunku, with the exception of "Rock 'n' Roll Kenchōshozaichi", which was written and composed by Chisato Moritaka.
The lyrics and music to track one were written and composed by Chisato Moritaka. Track two was written and composed by Tsunku.
Its title track was originally released as a single by its lyricist Chisato Moritaka in 1993. Matsuura's fellow Hello! Project soloist Maki Goto is another artist who has covered the song.
The title song's author, Chisato Moritaka, originally released it as an album track in 1992. Because the song lists Japan's prefectural capitals, the Minimoni version was updated to accommodate Urawa's merge into Saitama.
Other female idol singers achieved significant popularity in the 1980s, such as Akina Nakamori, Yukiko Okada, Kyōko Koizumi, Yoko Minamino, Momoko Kikuchi, Yōko Oginome, Miho Nakayama, Minako Honda, and Chisato Moritaka. Okada received the Best New Artist award from the Japan Record Awards in 1984. Nakamori won the Grand Prix award for two consecutive years (1985 and 1986), also at the Japan Record Awards; she made a suicide attempt in 1989.
Hosono has also released many solo albums covering a variety of styles, including film soundtracks and a variety of electronic ambient albums. As well as recording his own music, Hosono has done considerable production work for other artists such as Miharu Koshi, Sheena and the Roketts, Sandii & the Sunsetz, Chisato Moritaka and Seiko Matsuda. In 2003, Hosono was ranked by HMV Japan at number 44 on their list of the 100 most important Japanese pop acts.
In August 2005, her fifth single, "Koi no Hana," which means "Flower of Love," was released, and she also became a member of the Hello! Project special unit Def.Diva together with Maki Goto, Rika Ishikawa and Aya Matsuura in October. The single "Takaramono" was also released in November credited as "Sen", who is the main character of the drama "Takaramono", played by Abe. In the spring of 2006, Abe released a new single, "Sweet Holic", together with a new album, "2nd ~Shimiwataru Omoi~". June 2006 saw Abe release "The Stress," a cover of the 1989 song by pop idol Chisato Moritaka.