Synonyms for chitonotus or Related words with chitonotus

paralepis              lipophrys              quadrifilis              linuparus              pentaprion              pennahia              tetrosomus              platytroctidae              trigloides              exallias              deltentosteus              amanses              enophrys              tetragonopterus              hologerrhum              sypharochiton              nemipteridae              schindleriidae              misoolensis              tetragonurus              tailspot              gymnosarda              bobrinskii              atrosalarias              fistulariidae              lethops              lesueurigobius              undosquamis              pentacantha              lobotidae              berycidae              ranilia              cirrhitidae              fordonia              anatirostrum              stratodus              cottoides              rudolfianus              heterurus              microdesmidae              hystricosus              radulinus              nerophis              megasorex              callionymidae              spondyliosoma              psettodes              hypsophila              monochirus              conulus             

Examples of "chitonotus"
Chitonotus pugetensis, the Roughback sculpin, is a species of sculpin occurring in the eastern Pacific Ocean from British Columbia, Canada (and possibly north to southern Alaska) to southern Baja California, Mexico. This species can be found on sandy or muddy bottoms from the intertidal zone to a depth of . It is a species that is commonly displayed in public aquariums. This species grows to a length of TL. This species is the only known member of its genus.