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kang              hwang              yoon              ahn              yoo              jeong              kwon              chung              cheng              kim              jang              yu              jin              chan              jung              wong              jeon              huang              yang              woo              jiang              yong              yun              dong              hsu              peng              tsai              chun              suh              joo              shen              yao              baek              zhao              chiu              kuo              liu              chae              yee              xu              chong              xie              chang              zhang              zhou              luo              kwang              zhong              fung              deng             

Examples of "choi"
There were three possible origins of the Gangneung Choi clan and they might have originated from the Jeonju Choi clan, Gyeongju Choi clan, or Gang-hwa Choi clan.
Chella Choi, Karine Icher, Pornanong Phatlum, Hye Jung Choi,
Choi Ying Estate (), formerly Choi Wan Road Site 1 (), is a public estate in the hillside of Jordan Valley, Ngau Tau Kok, next to Choi Ha Estate. Formerly a quarry site, Choi Ying Estate is a part of the housing development near Choi Wan Road and Jordan Valley. The estate has 5 blocks and a shopping centre, Choi Ying Place (), completed in 2008. There is also a footbridge linking Choi Ying Estate with MTR Kowloon Bay Station.
Choi Seung-hyun, also known as Shawn Choi, is a South Korean music director and film score composer. Choi is also the founder of PSALM Music Production.
Choi Yuen constituency is loosely based on Choi Yuen Estate and Choi Po Court in Sheung Shui with estimated population of 18,724.
Choi Doo-Ho (born April 6, 1991), often anglicized to Dooho Choi or Doo Ho Choi or HoDoo Choi, is a South Korean mixed martial artist who currently competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in their Featherweight division. As of March 2017, Choi is ranked #12 in the official UFC featherweight rankings.
Choi Tak Estate (), formerly Choi Wan Road Site 2 () and Choi Wan Road Site 3A (), is a public estate in the hillside of Jordan Valley, Ngau Tau Kok, next to Choi Ying Estate. Choi Tak Estate is a part of the housing development near Jordan Valley. It is developed into 3 phases. 2 blocks in Phase 1 will be occupied in 2009.
Ok Sik Yang; Seong Gon Choi; Jun Kyun Choi; Jung Soo Park; Hyoung Jun Kim;
Choi Won-young (; born Choi Seong-wook on January 10, 1976) is a South Korean actor.
Translation Choi Hyun-Moo & Patrick Maurus La Place (by Choi In-Hun) French
His name Choi Yong-jik is renamed Choi Seou in 2011.
Choi Phillip, born Choi Pil-soon (born on 18 August 1979) is a South Korean actor.
Choi was born in the neighborhood of , Dong-gu, Incheon, Korea in 1940. Choi was the only son to his father Choi Cheol, a business man, and his mother Lee Myeong-suk who was a daughter of a royal pharmacist of the Korean Empire. Choi Cheol suddenly died when Choi was 8 years old and entered Sinheung Elementary School in Incheon. Choi moved to Seoul to attend Jungang Middle School. Choi was drawn to theater as he entered a theater club at Jungang High School. Choi established directing experiences while at Seorabeol Art College. He entered Hanyang University in 1960. Before graduation, Choi starred in several plays. Choi was recruited as a KBS TV actor in 1976, and entered stardom with the role of Kim Jongseo in the drama series, "Prince Suyang".
In , Choi was limited to 70 games due to injury. Choi hit .281, with 9 home runs and 37 RBI.
Choi Kang-hee (born Choi Se-yeon on May 5, 1977) is a South Korean actress and radio DJ.
K. J. Choi was born on 2 March 1942, in Daegu, Korea. His martial art training began when he was still a child, learning kwon bup. Choi served in the South Korean military and came into contact with H. H. Choi there. Around 1966–1967, he taught taekwondo in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Choi moved to the United States of America in 1970 to seek medical treatment for injuries sustained from martial arts training. In 1987, he founded his own martial art system and organisation, Choi Kwang-Do. He is based in Atlanta. Choi holds the rank of 9th "dan" in his own martial art, Choi Kwang-Do.
The constituency loosely covers part of Choi Tak Estate and Choi Ying Estate with the estimated population of 19,162.
Choi and his wife have three children and they live in Hong Kong. Choi also has some grandchildren, including two sets of twins. Choi collects cars, watches and horses.
She was born in 1222 in Goryeo and her father was Kim Yak-Seon and her mother was Lady Choi of the Ubong Choi clan, daughter of Choi Wu who was the second dictator of the Ubong Choe Military regime.
The first Sibal was hand-built by brothers Choi Mu-seong, Choi Hae-seong and Choi Soon-seong, based on the famous Willys Jeep. Initial demands for Sibal were low. But after winning a presidential award, production began to flourish.