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eung              ryeol              kim_yeong              heelee              jinkim              kyung_hwan              jung_hae              lee_kwang              mikim              choi_jong              heum              kim_dae              kyungkim              heekim              hokim              jung_yong              ahn_jae              yoo_seung              suk_jin              kyong              hwakim              kim_kyong              choi_eun              ryeong              jeongkim              heepark              ji_seok              kim_gwang              jeong_eun              myong              jo_dong_hyuk              jeong_yeon              jong_kook              lee_myung              jang_yong              byeong              sunkim              sookim              lee_seung              nyeon              gyung              byoung              choi_myung              soolee              deuk              yoon_jong              seo_hyun              woong              bong_soo              kim_hyeong             

Examples of "choi_byung"
Choi Byung-mo (born January 14, 1972) is a South Korean actor.
Choi Byung-Chul (Hangul: 최병철, Hanja: 崔秉哲; ; born October 24, 1981) is a South Korean foil fencer.
Choi Byung-do (; born 18 January 1984) is a South Korean football defender who plays for Seoul E-Land in K League Challenge.
In 2012, Ma made the podium three times in the Fencing World Cup, including a gold medal in the Prince Takamado World Cup. At the 2012 Summer Olympics he competed in the Men's foil, but was defeated in the quarter-finals by Korea's Choi Byung-chul, who eventually earned a bronze medal. Ma finished the 2012–13 season third in world rankings.
Khalid Issa Al-Hamadi (; born October 27, 1987 in Doha) is a Qatari foil fencer. Al-Hamadi made an official debut for his sporting discipline at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, where he competed in the individual foil event. He lost the first preliminary match to South Korea's Choi Byung-Chul, with a score of 3–15.
Victon (; stylized as VICTON), an acronym for Voice to New World, is a South Korean boy group formed by Plan A Entertainment in 2016. The group consists of Han Seung-woo, Kang Seung-sik, Heo Chan, Lim Se-jun, Do Han-se, Choi Byung-chan and Jung Su-bin, and made their debut on November 9, 2016 with the extended play "Voice to New World".
The sport reached a new level of popularity when pitcher Chan Ho Park made his debut for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1994. Park achieved a great deal of success in his Major League Baseball career, and paved the way for the American success of fellow Korean players such as Hee-seop Choi, Byung Hyun Kim, Jung Bong, Shin-Soo Choo, Hyun-Jin Ryu, and Jung-ho Kang.
On an other hand, Duyệt was the mandarin who charged former Crown Prince Cảnh's wife for having an incestuous relationship with her eldest son and then executed her by drowning in 1824. Duyệt's action effectively ended the claim to Vietnam's throne by Prince Cảnh's descendants. According to one report however, Minh Mạng had already been informed from another quarter of the affair. Choi Byung Wook, a Korean historian, described this event as a "most dramatic event illustrating Lê Văn Duyệt's loyalty to Minh Mạng".
Nevertheless, Duyệt is widely regarded by southern Vietnamese people as the local most important hero. Choi Byung Wook described Duyet's popularity as following: "No matter whether they are indigenous Vietnamese or Chinese settlers, Buddhists or Christians, residents of Saigon have long paid enthusiastic tribute to one favorite southern, local hero—Lê Văn Duyệt—whose gorgeous shrine is located on Dinh Tien Hoang street in Binh Thanh District. You will not able to find any other place in Huế or Hanoi where the residents, regardless of ethnic or religious backgrounds, regard their own local hero with such reverence".
Choi Byung Hoon (최병훈) (born 1952 in Kangwondo, South Korea) is a South Korean artist. He is considered by many to be the father of Contemporary Korean Design. Choi graduated from the Hong-ik University with a degree in applied fine arts in 1974, a few years later he completed his masters of fine arts from Hong-ik. Since his graduation, Choi has become well known for his work in modernizing the traditions of Korean design. Choi gathers inspiration from Mayan, Incan, African and Indian cultures.
Abouelkassem qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics and entered the individual foil event in the round of 32, defeating American Miles Chamley-Watson 15-10. He had the same result against Peter Joppich of Germany and Andrea Cassarà of Italy in the round of 16 and quarterfinals respectively, before moving on to defeat Choi Byung-Chul of South Korea 15-12 in the semi-finals. Abouelkassem lost the gold medal match 13-15 to Lei Sheng of China, but the silver medal he won was the first Olympic fencing medal for a competitor representing an African nation. He also participated in the team foil event, where the Egyptians were eliminated by the British team by a score of 45-33 in the opening round.
Amongst senior he made his breakthrough in the 2010–11 season: he reached the quarter-finals in the Paris and St Petersburg World Cups and he won the Löwe von Bonn, defeating four-time World champion Peter Joppich in the semifinals and Olympic silver medallist Choi Byung-chul in the final. He was called into the national team for the European Championships in Sheffield. Russia saw off Israel, but were stopped by France in the semifinal. They overcame Germany in the match for the bronze medal, bringing Rigin his first European distinction. At Catania 2011, his first World Championships, he was defeated in the second round by USA's Gerek Meinhardt. These results pushed him to a world No.17 ranking at the end of the season and he was named “breakthrough of the year” by the Russian Fencing Federation.
With a few more years of experience under his belt, Kim would play on the Korean junior men's team, going to the World Junior Curling Championships in 2004, 2005 and 2006. At the 2004 World Junior Curling Championships, Kim played third for skip Kim Soo-hyuk. After a 5-4 round robin record, the team beat Canada in a tiebreaker match to make the playoffs. There, the team would lose in both the semifinal and the bronze medal final, settling for fourth place. At the 2005 World Junior Curling Championships, the team found less success, finishing the round robin with a 2-7 record, and missed the playoffs. At the 2006 World Junior Curling Championships, Kim was promoted to skip the Korean team. He led his rink of Kim Min-chan, Park Jong-duk, Park Jin-oh and Choi Byung-rok to a 4-5 record, again missing the playoffs.
There are many theories concerning the composer of the currently official version of "Aegukga". It is most commonly believed that the lyrics of the song were written for the cornerstone-laying ceremony of the Independence Gate in Seoul in 1896 by Yun Chi-ho, a Korean politician., Later, Kim Gu during the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea era, said to his comrades "In the March 1st Movement, we had the Taegeukgi and the Aegukga. Why who wrote it should be an issue?" said Kim. "The lyrics and the anthem's spirit are more important than the nature of the lyricist.", he refuted. Other theories name the composer as An Chang-ho, Choi Byung-hun, Kim In-sik, Min Yeong-hwan, or some combination of the aforementioned composers. The "Committee to search for the composer of 'Aegukga'" was established in 1955 by the government on the request of the United States, but the committee concluded that there was not enough evidence to name a composer.
In the men's events, Alaaeldin Abouelkassem, who captured gold in the individual and team foil events at the 2011 Pan Arab Games, won a silver medal in the men's foil, after the losing the final against Lei Sheng of China. To qualify for the final he defeated American Miles Chamley-Watson, Germany's Peter Joppich, Italy's Andrea Cassarà, and South Korea's Choi Byung-Chul, and became the first African to win an Olympic fencing medal. One of his teammates, Tarek Ayad, who had also been part of the gold medal-winning foil team at the 2011 Pan Arab Games and had won bronze individually, defeated fellow Egyptian Anas Mostafa in the opening round, before losing to Aleksey Cheremisinov of Russia in the round of 32. Fayez, who won gold in the individual and team épée events at the 2011 Pan Arab Games, and Zeid were defeated in their opening rounds by eventual gold medalist Rubén Limardo of Venezuela and Malaysia's Yu Peng Kean respectively. None of the women won any bouts in London, but Shaimaa El-Gammal became the first Egyptian female to compete in four Olympics, having taken part in the 2000, 2004, and 2008 editions.