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jung_yong              yoo_jae              ryong              kim_seong              gyung              lee_kwang              sung_hoon              jung_hae              woong              beom              choi_jong              choi_eun              kim_gwang              kang_tae              yeol              kim_myung              jung_yoon              heum              yoon_jong              bong_soo              ryeol              ji_seok              deuk              lee_seung              yoon_jung              ryul              byoung              kim_yeong              jeong_hee              tae_woong              ahn_jae              pyung              yoo_kyung              geun              kang_dae              yeom_dong              kyeong              lee_myung              kim_dae              choi_seung              wook              byeong              kim_hak              yoo_ji              choi_yong              seop              baek_seung              kim_hyung              jeong_jae              kim_byeong             

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Translation Choi Hyun-Moo & Patrick Maurus La Place (by Choi In-Hun) French
Choi Hyun (Hangul: 최현; born 7 November 1978) is a retired South Korean football player who played as Goalkeeper.
Ahn married musical theatre actress Choi Hyun-joo on June 1, 2015. The couple met in 2014 when they were cast as lovers in the stage musical "Rudolf".
Choi Hyun-Tae (born September 15, 1987) is a South Korean football player who plays for K League Classic side Jeju United.
Choi Hyun-Mi (born November 7, 1990 in Pyongyang, North Korea) is a South Korean female boxer fighting in the Super featherweight division, and a World Boxing Association champion.
During South Korea's April 9, 2008 elections, Choi Hyun-sook (최현숙) became South Korea's first openly-gay candidate for national public office when she ran for a seat in the National Assembly of South Korea. Her bid was unsuccessful.
In November 2012, Kim in his big screen debut in dark comedy feature film "Jackal is Coming", portrayed Choi Hyun, a Hallyu star who is kidnapped by the assassin Bong Min-jung, played by labelmate Song Ji-hyo.
Choi Hyun-Yeon (Hangul: 최현연, born 16 April 1984) is a South Korean footballer, who plays for Persegres Gresik United in the Indonesia Super League as Center Midfielder and Defensive Midfielder. He previously plays for Navbahor.
On August 20, History released the single "Tell Me Love" (produced by V.O.S's Choi Hyun-joon and composer Lim Kwang-wook, with lyrics by Eluphant's Keebee) and the mini-album "Just Now".
V.O.S (Hangul: 브이오에스, pronounced "bee oh ess") is a South Korean R&B boy group formed in 2004. V.O.S. stands for Voice of Soul. The group was composed of three members: Choi Hyun-joon, Kim Kyung-rok and Park Ji-hun.
Choi Hyun-seok (; born July 6, 1972) is a South Korean chef and television personality. He is currently a cast member in the variety show "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator". He was also hosted "Chef Choi Hyeon seok's Crazy Time" from 2011 to 2012.
As tributes to their efforts, Yonsei University has constructed a monument called 'Yonsei Hangultap' (A Monument for Korean Language by Yonsei; 연세 한글탑; 延世 한글塔), a monument for Yun Dong Ju (윤동주 시비; 尹東柱 詩碑), and bust statues of Choi Hyun Bae and Kim Yoon Kyung on its Seoul Campus.
Following the disbandment of Young Turks Club, Hyun-joon made the decision to pursue professional dancing. His skill and smooth moves gained recognition from many Korean celebrities, most notably V.O.S member Choi Hyun-joon. Hyun-joon is influenced by the dance group Seo Taiji and Boys and was eventually featured in the music video "Amen" by Lee Juno.
Cook Representative (), also known as National Chef Team, is a 2016 South Korean cooking-variety program starring Kim Sung-joo, Ahn Jung-hwan, Kang Ho-dong, Choi Hyun-seok, Sam Kim, Lee Won-il and, , is the spin-off of "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator". It aired on JTBC during Wednesdays at 22:50 (KST) beginning February 17, 2016. The series aired its last episode August 10, 2016 after concluding the finals match of the World Championship.
Law student Choi Hyun-woo and television director Seo Min-joo are a young couple in love, and engaged to be married. Tragedy strikes, however, and Min-joo is killed in the Sampoong Department Store collapse. Several years later, Hyun-woo is given a journal that was written by his former fiancée, which details the journey they would have taken on their honeymoon. Hyun-woo sets out to visit the various places described in the journal, but on his travels he meets another woman, Yoon Se-jin, and discovers that their meeting is more than just coincidence.
Korean actress Jung Sun Ah, Korean Singer Yangpa and Son Seung Yeon will play the role of Rachel Marron. Lee Jong Hyuk and Park Sung Woong portray Frank Farmer and Choi Hyun Sun plays Nicki Marron. The other main cast includes Han Dong Gyu as Bill Devaney, Lim Ki Hong as Sy Spector, Lee Yool The Stalker, Jeon Jae Hyeon as Tony Scibelli and Kim Dae Ryeong as Ray Court. Fletcher will be played by Yoon Felix, Moon Seo Yoon and Lee Tae Kyung.
Choi Hyun-joon was a university student who met Han Se-yung and fell in love, during his years in a university. Se-yung became pregnant with Heun-heun prior to their marriage. Their friend, Hee-min, was secretly in love with Choi and frequently met with Choi to assist his writing. Se-yung often saw the couple in intimate conversations sharing laughter etc., right until Hee-min decided to go to America to further her studies, due in part to relation problems which developed between Choi and Han. Han later decided to file a divorce with Choi shortly after.
At that time, the party lost an empty cartridge. but it was occurred to obtain as an accessory by "Moonoejoong". "Moonoejoong" hid this cartridge onto the book. He opened a book and pick up a cartridge. However he dropped a cartridge while "Jung Ji-hyuk" was coming in and pick up. Despite "Moonoejoong" shouted that he had found the lost cartridge and he would return, he was punched and kicked by "Jung Ji-hyuk" and "Choi Hyun-il". Some days later, "Kim Chang-who" failed to promote for failure of shooting test.
Clumsy and off-the-wall hit man Bong Min-jung (Song Ji-hyo) is hired to kill top Hallyu star Choi Hyun (Kim Jae-joong). The mission starts by abducting him at Paradise Hotel in Seong-ju, the place where Hyun checked in to rest and stay away from stress, and also where the cops are on a stakeout for serial killer "Jackal". Later on, Hyun finds out that the person who hired Min-jung to kill him is his ex-girlfriend. He then tries to convince Min-jung that he isn't the 'top Hallyu star Choi Hyun' she is looking for so that she would let him escape, one by purposely singing out of tune. Conversations and several attempts to escape happens, until a fan of Hyun (the same one who sneaked into his car at the beginning of the story which caused him to switch cars with his manager) follows him to the hotel and goes inside his room through the window. The girl unties the ropes and takes him to her own suite. Hope vanishes, however, as the girl starts torturing him. Min-jung on the other hand arrived and saved him by using a stun gun on the sasaeng fan. Angela arrives later on and meets Hyun, who is a boy toy of hers, but is stabbed to death during her encounter with Min-jung.
Some days later, imprisoned superior "Choi Hyun-il" returns this party, but Stivoong misunderstood him as a new joined private. But "Kim Chang-who" shouted "Choi" is his superior, then "Choi" beats "Stivoong". In fact, by reason of what Steve is a Christian, virtual character Stivoong wanted to go to church, but refused by his superior. Instead, he went to military temple. He was scolded for praying during the Buddhist ceremony. Moreover, he was kicked by "Choi Hyun-il" because he didn't receive but catch a ball in the kick-ball game while "Moonoejoong" was punched by two superiors because of ball double-touch. Stivoong is beat again by "Jung Ji-hyuk" because of entering into the bathtub ignoring the priority. In the evening roll call, "Stivoong" was punished again by the captain of his party because he didn't pick up a disassembled segment sweeping inside of his K-2 rifle. The next day, he punished seriously because he fired by accident during post-safety checking.