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choi_eun              kang_tae              ji_seok              yoon_jung              jung_hae              tae_woong              kyung_hwan              bong_soo              kim_seong              geun              kyeong              jeong_hee              lee_myung              kang_joon              jung_yong              jang_dong              jang_tae              choi_jong              soo_kyung              lee_chang_hoon              ahn_jae              kim_myung              yoo_seung              kim_dae              choi_jae              jang_soo              seol              seok_jin              lee_jong_hyuk              yoo_kyung              jeong_ho              jung_kyung_ho              yoon_jong              dong_hoon              yoo_hye              ryong              eun_hee              tae_woo              dong_chul              shim_eun_kyung              ryung              heum              jung_gyu_woon              choi_hyun              kang_dae              yoo_jung              seo_hyun              seo_yoon              choi_byung              seung_ho             

Examples of "choi_seong"
Choi Won-young (; born Choi Seong-wook on January 10, 1976) is a South Korean actor.
The role of Choi Seong-geum was played by the Korean actress Kyeon Mi-ri.
Choi Seong-geum was a real person in Korean history. However, the historical Lady Choi is worse than portrayed in the series. She allegedly forced Geum-Young to be one of the King's concubines.
Choi Seong-woo (, born June 25, 1954) is a South Korean voice actor. She joined the voice acting division of Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation in 1976. Currently, Choi is cast in the Korea TV Edition of "" as Catherine Willows, replacing Marg Helgenberger.
"Sex Is Zero 2" was produced by Doosaboo Film with CJ Entertainment in charge of distribution. Filming commenced late July 2007 under first time director Yoon Tae-yoon, with Im Chang-jung reprising his role from the original "Sex Is Zero" as male protagonist Eun-sik. Other actors returning from the first film were Choi Seong-gook, Shin-ee and Yoo Chae-yeong, though the female lead was played by Song Ji-hyo in place of Ha Ji-won, with Ha making only a cameo appearance in the film's opening sequence.
Choi Geum-young is a major character in "Dae Jang Geum". She is the niece of the evil but prominent merchant Choi Pan-sul. A very skilled cook, she obtains the post of Highest Lady of the Royal Kitchen and the privilege of cooking and serving the King's food. However, she got this unjustly from her evil aunt Choi Seong-geum. Geum-young is also from the family line of Highest Ladies that held the post for generations, which was "passed" from aunt to niece.
Choi Pan-sul(최판술 (崔判述)) is a minor character in Dae Jang Geum. He is the brother of Choi Seong-geum. Choi is a very wealthy and powerful but corrupt and evil merchant of the upper class yangban. Together with his sister, he monopolizes on the goods used in the Royal Kitchen for a huge profit. Choi has an alliance with Right Prime Minister Oh Gyeom-ho to gain political and economic power, which Choi already has a lot of. When the Choi family's crimes are discovered, Choi dies in episode 48 while he is being taken to a government mine as a government slave. Choi is played in the series by Lee Hee-do (이희도 (李熙道)).
Choi Seong-geum is a major character in "Dae Jang Geum". She is considered the most notorious woman in the series, and is known as Lady Choi throughout much of the series. It is Lady Choi who killed Park Myeong-yi, her good friend, successfully plotted to oust Lady Han and Jang Geum from the palace, kicked Lady Min, Chang-ee, and Yeon-saeng out of the Royal Kitchen, attempted many times to get Jang Geum kicked out of the palace, and exploited the usually honest physician lady Park Yeol-ee. Lady Choi also goes against Lady Jung and Lady Han many times, trying to overthrow them. Despite her evil actions, however, Lady Choi cares "only" about her family, especially her niece Choi Geum-young. She teaches Geum-young that she must strive to raise her family to new heights so that generations later her ancestors' hard work does not become waste.
Lee Yeon-saeng (이연생 (李連生)) is a major character in the South Korean television drama "Dae Jang Geum". She is the best friend of Seo Jang Geum. Since the first day they entered the palace as children, the two have always been there for each other. When Jang Geum is exiled to Jeju, Yeon-saeng weeps so much King Jungjong sees her and she doesn't even see him. Jungjong takes a liking for Yeon-saeng and makes her his concubine, despite Choi Seong-geum told him a negative remark against Yeon-saeng. When Jang Geum returns to the palace, Yeon-saeng becomes pregnant and becomes Lee Sook-won(Royal Concubine Lee)(이숙원 (李淑媛). She appoints her mentor Min Mee-geum and other friend Chang-ee as her personal assistants.
After many years, the former king dies and the Crown Prince ascends the throne as the 10th king of Joseon. Park Myeong-yi is a palace girl (or "gungnyeo") and apprentice cook of the royal kitchen ("soorangan"). She witnesses a fellow apprentice, a girl from the powerful Choi clan named Choi Seong-geum, slip poison into the Great Royal Dowager Queen's food. Unaware that the senior kitchen officers are part of a conspiracy against the said Queen, Myeong-yi informs the fragrance kitchen officer Kim sanggong ("choi-go sanggung"). The officers, fearful that Myeong-yi might reveal their conspiracy, attempt to murder her. Myeong-yi's best friend, Han Baek-young, witnesses the crime and manages to secretly save her (by hurriedly diluting the poison with an antidote). She leaves the unconscious Myeong-yi a letter explaining what had happened. As Seo Cheon-soo wanders through the forest in his self-imposed hermitage, he stumbles upon the half-conscious Myeong-yi. He rescues her and the two fall in love and marry. They end up living peacefully in a remote village as lower caste commoners (Seo Cheon-soo posing as a butcher and village weapon smith) and raise a clever daughter named Seo Jang-geum.
In the North in 1986, Yokota married a South Korean national, Kim Young-nam (Korean: 김영남, Hanja: 金英男), likely also abducted, and the couple had a daughter in 1987, Kim Hye-gyong (김혜경, whose real name was later revealed to be Kim Eun-gyong, 김은경). In June 2006, Kim Young-nam, who has since remarried, was allowed to have his family from the South visit him, and during the reunion he confirmed Yokota had committed suicide in 1994 after suffering from mental illness, and had several attempts at suicide before. He also claimed the remains returned in 2004 are genuine. His comments were however widely dismissed as repeating the official Pyongyang line, with Megumi's father claiming that Young-nam was not allowed to speak freely during his interview in Pyongyang, stating that "he was likely restricted in terms of what he can say" and that "it looked as if he were reading a script". In June 2012, Choi Seong Ryong, head of a support group for relatives of South Koreans abducted to the North, said that he had obtained North Korean government documents which stated that Yokota had died from "depression" on 14 December 2004.
It is widely believed, especially in Japan, that Yokota is still alive. In November 2011 a South Korean magazine, "Weekly Chosun", stated that a 2005 directory of Pyongyang residents listed a woman, named Kim Eun Gong, with the same birth date as Yokota. The directory gave Kim's spouse's name as "Kim Yong Nam". Japanese government sources verified on 18 November 2011 that they had reviewed the directory but had yet to draw a conclusion on the identity of the woman listed. Sources later indicated that Kim Eun Gong was actually Yokota's 24-year-old daughter. In 2012, it was reported that North Korean authorities were keeping Kim under strict surveillance. In August 2012, Choi Seong Ryong stated that sources in North Korea had told him that Kim Eun Gong had been placed under the supervision of Kim Jong Un's sister, Kim Yeo Jong, and that the North Korean government may be planning on using Yokota's daughter as a "card" in future negotiations with Japan. Reportedly, in 2010 the North Korean government offered to allow Yokota's parents to visit Kim Eun Gyong in a country "other than Japan" but the Japanese government and Yokota's parents were wary about the offer, suspecting it as a ploy by the North Korean government to seek an advantage in ongoing diplomatic negotiations. In March 2014, the parents of Megumi Yokota met their granddaughter Kim Eun Gyong for the first time in Mongolia, along with her own baby daughter, whose father was not identified.