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kim_seong              woong              ahn_jae              lee_seung              yoon_jong              kyeong              choi_eun              choi_jae              jung_hyun              jang_jae              hyeon              sung_hoon              kim_yeong              yoon_jung              jung_hae              kang_seung              heelee              lee_myung              heum              kim_hyo              baek_ji              kim_gwang              jung_yoon              sookim              jinkim              ji_seok              gyung              byeong              kang_tae              geun              choi_yong              kim_myung              kim_hye              ryong              jeong_hee              kim_dae              seung_woo              ji_hoon              jang_dong              joo_hyun              yoon_ji              yoo_jae              jung_hee              eun_hee              jung_yong              jeong_eun              keum              kang_dae              yun_seok              hyung             

Examples of "choi_seung"
Choi Seung-hee (; November 24, 1911 – August 8, 1969) was a leading Korean modern dancer.
Choi Seung-wook (born 13 March 1976) is a Korean handball player who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics.
Choi Seung-hyun, also known as Shawn Choi, is a South Korean music director and film score composer. Choi is also the founder of PSALM Music Production.
Nearly all the music cues that are composed by Shim Hyeon-jeong, Lee Ji-soo and Choi Seung-hyun are titled after films, many of them film noirs.
In 2007 they released their third album entitled "Tom's Diary" and shortly after Choi Seung-won left the band to be replaced by drummer Yoo Hyo-jun.
Choi Seung-in (born March 5, 1991) is a South Korean football player who currently plays for Busan IPark in the K League Challenge.
Choi Seung-ho (; born 31 March 1992) is a South Korean footballer who plays as midfielder for Chungju Hummel in K League Challenge.
Choi Seung-Ro (927–989) was a politician, Confucian, marquis and poet of Goryeo. His family was originally one of the third class noble families of Silla.
6th (1997–99) – Vocals: Park Wan-kyu Guitar: Kim Tae Won (김태원) Bass: Jung Jun Kyo (정준교) Drums: Jung Dong Cheol (정동철)Keyboards: Choi Seung Chan (최승찬)
In 2000 Gang Moon-chul left the band and was replaced by drummer Choi Seung-won. In 2001 their first EP entitled "Happy Birthday" was released. In 2004 they released their self-titled, "Every Single Day", album.
In 2012, Kang Hyeong-cheol signed on to direct the sequel, and casting was finalized in late 2013, with Choi Seung-hyun as lead character Ham Dae-gil, the nephew of Goni, the protagonist in "Tazza: The High Rollers".
Choi Seung-woo (born December 19, 1989) is a South Korean track cyclist. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, he competed in the Men's team pursuit for the national team.
Commitment (; lit. "Alumnus" or "The Graduate") is a 2013 South Korean spy thriller film starring Choi Seung-hyun (also known as T.O.P from the K-pop boyband BIGBANG). He plays the teenage son of an ex-North Korean agent who is tasked to kill a North Korean assassin in South Korea in order to save his younger sister played by Kim Yoo-jung.
Choi Seung-Ho ( is identified as a Korean ecopoet. His publications also include children's poetry. He was born in the small rural village of Chungcheon, Gangwon Province in 1954), and he taught for many years in an elementary school in the countryside.
Many of the NSS agents have close personal ties to one another, and the floor supervisor and head of security resources, Yang Jung-in (Kim Hye-jin), is no exception. She is often viewed as a dependable and accommodating authority figure and remains a very close friend to colleague Choi Seung-Hee.
Iris () is a 2009 South Korean espionage television drama series, starring Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-hee, Jung Joon-ho, Kim Seung-woo, Kim So-yeon and T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) of Big Bang. It aired on KBS2 from October 14 to December 17, 2009, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes.
The sequel, titled "" was directed by Kang Hyeong-cheol, and starred Choi Seung-hyun (T.O.P), Shin Se-kyung, Kwak Do-won and Lee Ha-nui, with Yoo Hae-jin and Kim Yoon-seok reprising their roles. It began filming on January 2, 2014, and was released on September 3, 2014.
The film's score, composed by Choi Seung-hyun, is heavily baroque-themed, featuring many pieces with harpsichord, baroque guitars, and other instruments. The main theme is an edited version of Vivaldi's "Ah ch'infelice sempre" from "Cessate, omai cessate". The song is appropriate since the unedited version's melody is sung by a woman who is seeking revenge on a man who has betrayed her, much like the film itself. The 24th Caprice by Paganini also appears many times.
Choi Seung-Yong (Hangul: 최승용, born 6 February 1980) is a South Korean female speed skater. She competed at the 1998, 2002 and 2006 edition of Winter Olympics. She qualified for the Olympic in 1998, in which she placed both 24th in 500 m and 1000 m. She again qualified for the Olympics in 2002, and placed 18th in the 500 m and 32nd in the 1000 m. Her last Olympic ended up 18th in 500m.
Minowa was knocked out in his last fight for PRIDE by Kiyoshi Tamura at PRIDE Shockwave 2006, but celebrated 10 years as a fighter at the CMA Festival 2 event by defeating Min-Seok Heo in the main event after his opponent's corner threw in the towel after the first round. His next opponent was South Korean wrestler Choi Seung Hyun at "Heat4: Mega Battle Heat from Nagoya". Minowa won the bout via shoulder lock.