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alkistis              protopsalti              korkolis              voskopoulos              martakis              mazonakis              tzeni              lefteris              dionisis              giannatsoulia              glykeria              korgialas              mimis              tsitsanis              tolis              hatzigiannis              stamatis              kraounakis              mitropanos              parios              hadjinasios              plessas              theiopoulos              marianta              eleftheria              tsotou              mahairitsas              melisses              makedonas              vaggelis              sotia              stokas              tamta              portokaloglou              theodoridou              dionysis              leonardou              onirama              papatheodorou              tsalikis              mouratidis              thodoris              erastis              thodoros              babis              tsaganeas              kokotas              pashalis              natassa              tilemahos             

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Chrispa (selftitled) is an album released by Greek singer Chrispa. It was released in Greece in 2004 by Minos EMI and it was repackaged as Chrispa 100% in 2005 to contain the single "Andres 100%", remixes and a bonus DVD.
Since 2006, collaborating with Greek singers Andriana Babali, Chrispa and Alkistis Protopsalti.
On October 6, 2009, Chrispa released her fifth studio album, titled "Mehri Edo". It included eleven new tracks composed by Stefanos Korkolis, with lyrics by Rebecca Roussi. It was reported that Chrispa had expressed dissatisfaction with her label's lack of promotion of the album, and as a result, considered prematurely exiting her contract with Minos EMI.
In the spring of 2003, at the age of 21, Chrispa released her debut album, titled "Tora" with Alpha Records. The first single from the album, "Esena Thelo", gained radio success and had a music video and remix. Chrispa's next album was the self-titled "Chrispa" in 2004 with Minos EMI.
Tora (Now) is the debut album of popular Greek singer, Chrispa. It was released in Greece in 2003 by Alpha Records.
Chrispa married Panagiotis Nikolaou in July 2010. The two had met a year earlier, and they were engaged a month after meeting.
Kathreftis (Mirror) is an album released by popular Greek singer, Chrispa. It was released in Greece in 2007 by Minos EMI.
Posa Hrostao is an album released by popular Greek singer, Chrispa. It was released in Greece in 2006 by Minos EMI and was certified gold by IFPI.
The album has a noticeably different style than those preceding with adult sounding and developed vocals. In a February 2009 interview with "Espresso Magazine", Chrispa stated that people would see another her and that she was at the most creative phase of her life. She added that the new album would be a surprising change from her previous releases. After seeing the photos from the album's shoot, "Espresso Magazine" wrote that Chrispa had transformed into a perfectly sexy female, markedly emaciated, with long brown hair and an incredibly bold figure. She posed with little mannerism in revealing clothes and looked ready to put the fire back in the nightlife of Athens.
"A Chance to Love" is a song and CD single by Greek singer Chrispa. It was Chrispa's entry in a race to be the Greek representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.
2005 also brought several collaborations for Chrispa. She sang with Giorgos Tsalikis and Constantinos Christoforou in the summer, while during the winter of 2005-2006 she went on the road with Elli Kokkinou, the Andreas Stamos, Constantinos Christoforou and Kalomoira.
Since that album, Chrispa has released four digital singles: "Den yposxomai tipota" (I can't make any promises) (2010), "Eisai asteri" (You're a star) (2011), "Kolla 5" (Hi5) (2012) and "Me skotonei" (It's killing me) (2013).
On December 17, 2007, ERT officially announced the three participants for the Greek national final: Kalomoira, Kostas Martakis, and Chrispa; all of them young performers and mainly new to the Greek music scene. Greek singers Martakis and Chrispa, though young and fairly new, had album releases at the time of the contest. Kostas Martakis had emerged from the reality talent show "Dream Show" in 2006, releasing the album "Anatropi" (Reversal) in 2007 which reached #9 in the Greek chart. Chrispa started her musical career in 2003 and had released four studio albums. Kalomoira, born in the United States but of Greek descent, had gained popularity in Greece after winning the Greek talent show "Fame Story" in 2004. Before her Eurovision appearance, she had released three studio albums, the first of which was certified gold.
Upon the album's release, Chrispa's record company Minos EMI received complaints regarding the content. Because of a technical flaw from the manufacturer, a batch left the plant which contained tracks of religious chants and hymns, instead of Chrispa. Minos EMI immediately recalled all of the faulty product, while publicly apologizing for the inconvenience and offering to buy back or exchange the defective CDs.
At the national final, held on February 27, 2008, Chrispa performed "A Chance to Love" first out of the three participants. She placed third with 15.9% of the vote. Kostas Martakis placed second, and Kalomoira went to Eurovision with "Secret Combination", eventually placing third.
The celebrities who were competed this season were 8 women and 6 men; Chrispa, Katerina Stikoudi, Klelia Pantazi, Konstantina, Mary Synatsaki, Gogo Mastrokosta, Evagelia Aravani, Eleni Chatzidou, Lakis Gavalas, Michalis Mouroutsos, Thanos Kallioras, Sakis Arseniou, Isaias Matiamba and Alex Kavdas. The professional partners were revealed on October 17, 2013.
Chrispa has appeared in many Greek TV shows promoting her songs. In 2009 she guest starred on the Greek sitcom "Polikatoikia". She also appeared on the TV show "Pame paketo", where she invited her music teacher to thank her publicly for believing in her and helping her to have a career.
During the first half of 2008, Nino appeared alongside Chrispa and Andreas Stamos at Thalassa Club in Athens for the promotion of his album. During the winter season, Nino reunited with Peggy Zina and Kostas Karafotis for a series of concerts at VOX Club, Athens.
Mehri Edo (Greek: "Μέχρι Εδώ"; ) is the fifth studio album released by Greek singer, Chrispa. It was released in Greece and Cyprus on October 6, 2009 by Minos EMI and includes eleven tracks in total. Nine of the tracks are new and composed by Stefanos Korkolis, with lyrics by Rebecca Roussi, while there are two covers: the classic Korkolis tracks "Fovithikes" with lyrics by Rebecca Roussi and "Parakseni Agapi" with lyrics by Anta Douka.
A repackaged album was released in 2005, titled "Chrispa 100%". The compilation featured hits from her first two albums; a new single, "Mou Kani Plaka O Theos," which became a radio hit; a DVD of her music videos; and remixes. Also from the album were the radio hits "An Den Ipirhes", "Savvatokiriako", "Fevgo Gia To 7", "I Kolasi Eimai Ego", and "Pali Tha Peis Signomi".