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Examples of "christiaens"
This classification was based by Bouchet & Rocroi on the studies by Keen (in Moore) (1960), Christiaens (1973) and McMean (1984).
Jo Christiaens (born April 17, 1988) is a Belgian football player currently playing for AS Verbroedering Geel.
Josef Christiaens, sometimes spelt Joseph (16 September 1882 – 25 February 1919), was a Belgian engineer, racecar driver and aviator.
Created by Arnaud Christiaens, a former financier in 2006, it quickly gained recognition from famous wine critics such as Michel Bettane and Jancis Robinson
On June 23, 2015, she married Paul Meerbergen in the presence of her two maids of honour, Caroline De Vos and Sofie Christiaens.
Nos 27 and 28 were sold to Belgian Joseph Christiaens, who used them to make the first aeroplane flight in Singapore on 16 March 1911. He then took the aircraft to South Africa where a series of exhibition flights were made in Pretoria, and Christiaens sold No.28 to John Weston, who also became the Bristol company's representative in South Africa. Other examples were exported to Germany (2), Spain (2) and single machines to Romania, India, Bulgaria and Sweden.
Jeffrey Mallen Christiaens (born 17 May 1991) is a Belgian–Filipino footballer who mainly plays as a winger for Filipino side Ceres F.C.. He also represents the Philippines at international level.
Adèle Christiaens (born 28 January 1909, date of death unknown) was a Belgian fencer. She competed in the women's individual foil event at the 1936 and 1948 Summer Olympics.
Bernard F. "Chris" Christiaens (born March 7, 1940) is an American politician in the state of Montana. He served in the Montana State Senate from 1983 to 1986 and 1991 to 2002.
"Patella depressa" is a nomen dubium according to Christiaens (1973, 1983); "Patella intermedia" gets priority. Nevertheless the name "Patella depressa" is in usage among British authors (e.g. Graham, 1988) and is assumed as valid.
In August 2011, the team manager of the Philippines national team traveled to Europe to scout for potential talent. Three players that were tapped were Belgian–Filipinos which included Christiaens. They traveled to the Philippines in early September to try out for the Philippines national under-23 team that will be competing at the 2011 Southeast Asian Games. Christiaens in particular was able to impress sufficiently that he was also named in the senior national team's 20-man squad for the 2011 Long Teng Cup.
Before the subject of the drawings was definitively identified they were dated on stylistic grounds to 1655. The specific details of Christiaens' crime and execution, however, secure the dating to 1664 since no other body of an executed female is recorded as having been displayed in this way. The historical research was carried out by Isabella van Eeghen in the 1960s, who wrote "Elsje Christiaens, who once served as example to others to deter crime, now will serve again as example for the art historians to be careful with dating on the basis of stylistic grounds!"
In 1919 the 4.9-litre engines were mounted in two 1914 T.T. Sunbeam chassis; Josef Christiaens was killed demonstrating one of the cars at Wolverhampton and they were subsequently entered at that year’s Indianapolis 500 for J Chassagne and Dario Resta. In the event, they were withdrawn without explanation said to be in excess of 300 cubic inch limit.
Among various projects, she was responsible for the exact dating and attribution of Amsterdam artworks of the 17th-century, most notably Elsje Christiaens. She was a specialist in historical stories about children, women, marriage, crime, and personal diaries (known in Dutch as "egodocumenten", she is one of the first to study these as a source of historical evidence).
Oenophile financier Arnaud Christiaens founded SGC in 2006 with the goal to produce a wine good enough to compete with the best of the appellation. Jancis Robinson wrote "This is a scheme designed to kick the whole Bordeaux system where it hurts most".
Elsje Christiaens (c. 1646 in Jutland – 1664 in Amsterdam) was a Danish girl who, aged 18, murdered her landlady with an axe in Amsterdam. She confessed and was executed. Her body was exhibited at the Volewijk, a field on the northern shore of the IJ, and Rembrandt van Rijn produced two drawings of it.
He was born in Cudworth, Saskatchewan, the son of Frank Domotor. In 1965, he married Ann Sharon Christiaens. Domotor served in the Saskatchewan cabinet as Minister of Rural Development. He was defeated by Eric Upshall when he ran for reelection to the provincial assembly in 1986.
Since this was the first execution of a woman in Amsterdam for 21 years, the spectacle was sufficiently unusual to attract public attention. Rembrandt was not the only artist who depicted the scene. There is also a pen-and-ink drawing with watercolour by Anthonie van Borssom, in which Christiaens' body can be seen hanging alongside those of other criminals at the execution site.
(1.) Daphné Heskin, (2.) Anne-Sophie De Scheemaeker, (3.) Charlotte De Vos, (4.) Isabelle Wagemans, (5.) Maïté Dequinze, (6.) Magali Demeyere, (7.) Olivia Bouche, (8.) Caroline Guisset, (9.) Sophie Turine, (10.) Valérie Van Elderen, (11.) An Christiaens, (12.) Tiffany Thys, (13.) Caroline Cuylits, (14.) Céline Robiette, (15.) Barbara Dequinze, (16.) Elke Mertens, (17.) Anne-Sophie Van Regemortel, and (18.) Miek Vandevenne.
Senior members of the Centre are Filip Abraham, Katja Biedenkopf, Toon Braeckman, Kim Christiaens, Christophe Crombez, Geert De Baere, Filip De Beule, Erik De Bom, Helder De Schutter, Martin Deleixhe, Edith Drieskens, Raf Geenens, Idesbald Goddeeris, Tim Heysse, Bart Kerremans, Stephan Keukeleire, Ria Laenen, Matthias Lievens, Miet Maertens, Axel Marx, Alessandro Mulieri, Ching Lin Pang, Letizia Paoli, Stephan Parmentier, Kolja Raube, Stefan Sottiaux, Jo Swinnen, Geert Van Calster, Jan Van Hove, Dimitri Vanoverbeke, Frank Verbruggen and Jan Wouters.