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Examples of "christoforou"
Christoforou had his first exhibition in 1949. In 1957, he moved to Paris and participated in a show with Enrico Baj, Jorn and Mihailovitch at Galerie Rive Gauche. Galerie Birch (Copenhagen), with whom Christoforou worked with for many years, will be paying tribute to his legacy with a solo exhibition, "Hommage à Christoforou" on 3 May 2014.
By September 2014, CyBC had received applications from more than 100 singers including Valanto Trifonos (, ), Dimos Beke ( and ), Philipos Konstantinos () and Constantinos Christoforou (, , ). Christoforou did not apply to participate in the selection as a performer but as a composer with the performer being his brother, Stefanos Christoforou. The list of the participants was published on 20 October 2014.
2005 also brought several collaborations for Chrispa. She sang with Giorgos Tsalikis and Constantinos Christoforou in the summer, while during the winter of 2005-2006 she went on the road with Elli Kokkinou, the Andreas Stamos, Constantinos Christoforou and Kalomoira.
In 2009, after returning to EMI Music, Christoforou released his next solo album, called "Allios".
Constantinos Christoforou is a Cypriot singer. He was born in Limassol, Cyprus on 25 April 1976.
The song features Christoforou telling his lover that the night exists "only for us".
Themis Cholevas, Panagiotis Manias, Takis Christoforou, Stelios Arvanitis, Nikos Milas, Mimis Stefanidis,
It was succeeded as Cypriot representative at the 2005 Contest by Constantinos Christoforou with "Ela Ela (Come Baby)".
Christakis Christoforou (born 26 January 1964, Limassol) is a Cypriot football manager. He is currently the manager of Cyprus.
The song is an up-tempo number, with Christoforou urging his lover to "come baby, come baby".
Papadopoulos final release with All Records Cyprus, was this third EP. The lead single "Kati Mou Leei" was another No. 1 hit for Papadopoulos composed by Constantinos Christoforou. The song was later covered by Christoforou himself on his 2009 album "Alios".
In 2011, Christoforou performed live at Arhitektoniki with Eleni Dimou. From September 2011 to January 2012, Christoforou took part in the TV show "Dancing on Ice," aired by Antenna TV in Greece. In 2013 and 2014 he performed in the show "Ola eginan tragoudia" with Despina Olympiou. Since 2015 he is a judge on MEGA Channel Cyprus kid's talent show "DanSing Junior".
Constantinos Christoforou was still a student when his first single, "Tora pou milas" was released in 1994. His first album, "O, ti m'afora" was released in 1996. The album went three times platinum, making Christoforou the first Cypriot artist ever to receive three times platinum album for an album produced entirely in Cyprus. The same year Christoforou accompanied famous mega star Anna Vissi in Cyprus, as well as in her winter performances with Greek singer Sakis Rouvas in Athens. He was the permanent support act for Vissi in all her Greek and international concerts until 1999.
In spring 2006, Christoforou released his CD single "Thes na kanoume sxesi" which was his first Gold certification as a solo artist in Greece.
This EP was their first record to come out presenting the replacement of Constantinos Christoforou, Demos Van Beke. The EP became Gold in Greece and Platinum in Cyprus.
Kypros Christoforou (; born 24 April 1993) is a Cypriot footballer who plays as a right back for APOEL, on loan from Aris Limassol.
Kostas Diamantopoulos, Ioannis Politis, Xristos Ioardanidis, Athanasios Christoforou, Georgios Barlas, Aris Raftopoulos, Michalis Giannouzakos, Makis Katsafados, Apostolos Kontos, Pavlos Stamelos, Georgios Trontzos, Kostas Mpogatsiotis (Coach: Themis Cholevas)
"Ela Ela (Come Baby)" (Greek: Ελα Ελα) was the Cypriot entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, performed in English by Constantinos Christoforou.
Christoforou went on to once again represent Cyprus as a solo artist in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 with the song "Ela Ela (Come Baby)".
Christoforou played as a midfielder for AEL Limassol and APOEL. He was capped twice for the Cyprus national football team in 1987.