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changvar              samraong              puok              sangkae              krouch              ruessei              angk              beung              tuek              chrey              lvea              boeng              paoy              preaek              khpos              kouk              sambour              trabaek              thmei              thlok              phsar              russei              phnum              tbong              khsach              chrouy              trapeang              khvav              thmar              chhmar              andoung              sangkat              steung              kaev              kandal              chambak              praek              tbaeng              stueng              tboung              traeng              krong              chrum              chhuk              khnar              tnaot              thma              damnak              kaong              damrei             

Examples of "chroy"
Chroy Changva is part of an island by the Mekong River connected to Phnom Penh by the Chroy Changva Bridge.
Chroy Changvar is subdivided into 5 Sangkats and 22 Kroms.
Chroy Changvar District () is a district in central Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
There is a new indoor stadium in Phnom Penh, the Beeline Arena. Located at Sangkat Chroy Changvar, Khan Russei Keo.
Group B: Kirivong Sok Sen Chey, Albirex Niigata Phnom Penh, Khan Toul Kok and Khan Chroy Changvar. (Qualified teams: Kirivong Sok Sen Chey and Albirex Niigata Phnom Penh)
The Chroy Changva Bridge (also known as the Cambodian-Japanese Friendship Bridge) is a 700-meter bridge that crosses the Tonle Sap River in Phnom Penh.
During the Khmer rouge uprising, Vong Sarendy was credited for sustaining exemplary discipline and morale within his forces. On April 12, 1975, United States operation Eagle Pull evacuated all remaining U.S citizens from besieged Phnom Penh as well as acting president Saukham Khoy. Ensuing his departure, a supreme committee, consisting of Sarendy Vong and six other high placing officials, was formed to govern the republic. On April 17, 1975, Phnom Penh was swarmed by Khmer Rouge elements. Vong's headquarters in the Chroy Changvar peninsula were encircled and a final phone call to head of state Sak Sutsakhan confirmed the dissolution of the supreme committee. All executives were now in flight, hoping to find safety out of the capital. Vong committed suicide as the insurgents entered his office; on the committee's 5th day in office.
National Highway 5 or National Road No.5 (10005) is one of the national highways of Cambodia. With a length of , it connects the capital of Phnom Penh with Thailand. NH5 leaves Phnom Penh in a north to northwest direction, it first borders the Tonle Sap, three bridges the Chroy Changvar, the Prek Kdam and the Prek Pnov link the Est of the country. Then it moves away from the river/lake because the land there is flooded part of the year and it exits Kandal Province and traverses Kampong Chhnang Province from the junction with Road 51, north to Kampong Chhnang City, then northwest to Baribour District where it crosses into Pursat Province. From there, it skirts the Tonle Sap lake and continues west to Pursat town, the provincial capital. Leaving Pursat, NH5 again turns northwest and leads to Battambang Province, passing through another provincial capital at Battambang city and continuing on to Serei Saophoan District in Banteay Meanchey Province where it meets the terminus of NH6 and bends westward towards its own terminus at Poipet on the Thai border.
Ley was shot on the morning of 10 July 2016 in a café at a gas station in Phnom Penh. His death came days after he had criticized Hun Sen's family following the release of the Global Witness report which valued the premier's family at a bare minimum US$200 million. A suspect was arrested, who later confessed to the crime. The suspect, who was sentenced to life in prison, claimed he shot Ley over a $3,000 debt, despite reports that no such debt existed because the two had never met. His body was draped in the Cambodian flag, and was taken to Wat Chas pagoda at Chroy Changva district. His death is widely believed to be politically influenced, though Prime Minister Hun Sen has downplayed these claims. His death was met with both domestic and international condemnations. The U.S. Department of State was "deeply concerned" by Ley's murder, and called for a full investigation. Similarly, the United Nations also urged authorities to investigate. The British ambassador to Cambodia Bill Longhurst called his death "a serious loss to Cambodia. Prime Minister Hun Sen condemned the murder, and urged for a full investigation.