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auriculata              laxiflora              lancifolia              glabrescens              sericea              oblongifolia              paniculatum              randia              latifolium              uniflora              bracteata              grewia              caffra              sessiliflora              micrantha              linifolia              ehretia              cuneata              speciosum              ellipticum              microphylla              ciliata              divaricata              wahlenbergia              mucronata              acutifolia              oppositifolia              albiflora              ramosissima              wikstroemia              diversifolia              multifida              leiocarpa              aristata              corymbosa              laurifolia              parvifolia              cuneifolia              alseodaphne              argentea              lepidota              obtusifolium              peduncularis              heliotropium              alangium              fargesii              stricta              ulmifolia              marsdenia              triflora             

Examples of "chrysantha"
"Lonicera chrysantha" (Chrysantha honeysuckle)
Ehrendorferia chrysantha (syn. Dicentra chrysantha), with the common name golden eardrops, is a biennial to perennial plant in the Papaveraceae family.
"Gagea chrysantha" is a bulb-forming herb with yellow flowers.
The larvae feed on "Duchesnea chrysantha", "Rubus sieboldii" and "Rubus buergeri".
"Dicentra chrysantha" has a taproot. Its leaves are blue-green, with many lobed leaflets.
Cotyledon chrysantha (syn. "Umbilicus chrysanthus" Boiss. & Heldr.) is an ornamental plant of Crassulaceae family.
Deuterocohnia chrysantha is a plant species in the genus "Deuterocohnia". This species is endemic to Chile.
Edgeworthia chrysantha (common names: Oriental Paperbush, Mitsumata) is a plant in the Thymelaeaceae family.
Actinidia chrysantha is a species of plant in the Actinidiaceae family. It is endemic to China.
Acineta chrysantha is a species of orchid found in the forest of Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama.
"Verticordia chrysantha" is classified as "not threatened" by the Western Australian Government Department of Parks and Wildlife.
Bromelia chrysantha is a species in the genus "Bromelia". This species is native to Venezuela, Colombia, and Trinidad & Tobago.
Calytrix chrysantha is a species of plant in the myrtle family Myrtaceae that is endemic to Western Australia.
"Verticordia chrysantha" was first formally described by Stephan Endlicher in 1838 and the description was published in "Stirpium Australasicarum Herbarii Hugeliani Decades Tres" from specimens collected by John Gilbert in 1842. The specific epithet ("chrysantha") is derived from the Ancient Greek words "khrusos" meaning "gold" and "anthos" meaning "flower",referring to the flower colour.
Utricularia chrysantha, the sun bladderwort, is a medium-sized annual, terrestrial carnivorous plant that belongs to the genus "Utricularia". "U. chrysantha" is endemic to southern New Guinea and Australia. It grows as a terrestrial species in wet grasslands or "Melaleuca"-"Acacia" savannas at low altitudes near sea level. It was originally described and published by Robert Brown in 1810.
Gagea chrysantha is a European species of plants in the lily family, found only in Italy. It is native to the regions of Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata, and Apulia. Similar populations from the eastern Mediterranean have long been referred to "G. chrysantha" but recent evidence suggests that this group is actually a complex of several species rather than a single species.
George placed this species in Subgenus "Chrysoma", Section "Jugata" along with "V. chrysanthella", "V. chrysantha", "V. galeata", "V. brevifolia", "V. coronata", and "V. laciniata".
George placed this species in Subgenus "Chrysoma", Section "Jugata" along with "V. chrysanthella", "V. chrysantha", "V. galeata", "V. coronata", "V. amphigia" and "V. laciniata".
It has 4 known synonyms, "Iris barnumiae var. urmiensis" (Hoog) Dykes , "Iris chrysantha" Baker, "Iris polakii" f. "urmiensis" (Hoog) Stapf. and "Iris urmiensis" Hoog.
Camellia chrysantha, the golden camellia, is a species of plant in the Theaceae family. It is found in China and Vietnam. It is threatened by habitat loss.