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Examples of "chrysavgi"
Chrysavgi and the other villages ceased to be manors in 1836 after a firman from Sultan Mahmud II.
Chrysavgi () is a village and a community of the Langadas municipality. Before the 2011 local government reform it was part of the municipality of Langadas, of which it was a municipal district. The 2011 census recorded 1,106 inhabitants in the village. The community of Chrysavgi covers an area of 16.024 km.
Chrysavgi is a mountain village in the municipality of Voio, West Macedonia, Greece. Only 30 minutes from Grevena and 20 minutes from Tsotyli, it is built with traditional architecture at an altitude of 860 meters. The stone houses give a special and impressive picture.
The exact establishment date is difficult to pinpoint due to lack of historical evidences. The older register is from the 1534 codex in the Monastery of Zaborda and gives the old name of the village which was Mirali, a name taken probably from the Turkish commander of the area, Omer Ali. At 1927 it was renamed Stroggylon (which means round) and in 1930 received its final name Chrysavgi (which means “golden dawn”)
In 1793 many Voio villages were Islamized and became manors of the local Beys who were friendly to Ali Pasha. At Chrysavgi the Bey was Ali Koukos, to whom the residents paid the protective tax, one tenth of their production (Dekati). Beside the tax, they were bound to hand over to the Bey each new bride for him to spend the first wedding night with ("Ius primae noctis"). Some villagers were unable to tolerate this custom and killed the Bey in 1830. Next day was considered to be a "Golden Dawn" for the village. The remains of the Bey were discovered during an excavation in 1962, in "Koukos" point. The retaliation of the Turks for the murder of the Bey was a heavy tax enforced on the village. With this money, a mosque was built in Constantinople (Istanbul) which was named "Mirali Tzamisi".