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seok              cheol              seung              hwan              hyung              kyung              jae              wook              byung              woong              kwang              joon              seong              gyu              beom              joo              hyuk              hyun              deok              yeong              hyeon              suk              myung              baek              hyeok              gook              chae              kyu              heon              byun              shik              soo              ryong              keun              taek              eun              seon              hee              hye              geun              seol              jeong              joong              sook              jeon              yoon              kyeong              myeong              ryul              yeon             

Examples of "chul"
In South Korea, some names ending with this element were popular for baby boys in the 1950s and 1960s, including Sang-chul, Byung-chul, and Young-chul. Other Korean given names containing the element Chul include:
Kim Suk Chul / Kim Seok Chul Ensemble: "Shamanistic Ceremonies of the Eastern Seaboard", JVC, VICG-5261 (1993)
Soo-hyun dumps Kyung-chul, intending to continue stalking him. Kyung-chul taunts him over the transmitter, now knowing who he is. Kyung-chul brutally assaults a store owner, forcing Soo-hyun to rush to the aid of the victim. Kyung-chul uses this time to defecate out the transmitter and place it inside a taxi driver he viciously assaults. Soo-hyun interrogates Tae-joo and learns that Kyung-chul is going after Joo-yun's father Jang and sister Jang Se-yun.
Chul-min's family consists of himself, his police detective father, his sick mother, and a dog. Chul-min calls the dog "Mutt" or "Stray Dog," but his father calls Chul-min "Mutt" too. The dog is Chul-min's best friend. He doesn't cry when his mom dies, but he does get furious when his dog is beaten by the older boys in his soccer club. He takes his revenge, but his father's patrol car awaits him. Although he now must live on his own, Chul-min wins renown as the one who beat up 21 people all by himself. Many of the town's thugs start to hang around Chul-min, fascinated by him, and he becomes a leader of small-time gangsters. One day his father takes in a young orphan named Jung-ae who was a thief. Eventually Chul-min and Jung-ae develop feelings each other and Chul-min confronts the gang who killed his beloved dog.
Kim Hyun-chul () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Kim and the given name Hyun-chul, and may also refer to:
Tohono Chul (aka Tohono Chul Park) is a botanical garden, nature preserve and cultural museum located in Casas Adobes, a suburb of Tucson, Arizona. The words "tohono chul" translate as "desert corner" and are borrowed from the language of the Tohono O’odham, the indigenous people of southern Arizona. The mission of Tohono Chul is to enrich people's lives by connecting them with the wonders of nature, art and culture in the Sonoran Desert region and inspiring wise stewardship of the natural world.
Designed by Seok Chul Kim and Franco Mancuso, 1995.
Shin Hae Chul, lead vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitars.
He qualified by beating fighters like Han Soon Chul.
Shin Hae Chul, lead vocals, rhythm guitars, keyboards.
Shin Hae Chul, lead vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitars, bass.
The final was contested by Chunnam Dragons and Pohang Steelers. Both matches kicked-off at 15:00 KST. The referee for the first and second match was Lee Young-Chul and Kwon Jong-Chul, respectively.
Chang Kyou-chul (a.k.a. Chang Sun-gil; June 19, 1946 – April 19, 2000) was an Olympic boxing bronze medalist in South Korea. He renamed his name Kyou-chul to Sun-gil.
Choi Dae-chul (born Choi Won-chul on October 16, 1978) is a South Korean actor. He has been active in musical theatre since 2004, but has also played supporting roles in television dramas such as "Wang's Family" (2013).
The film's protagonist is a North Korean refugee named Seung-chul struggling to adjust to life in Seoul. He is sharing a small apartment with a fellow defector named Kyung-chul, a "broker" who helps refugees send remittances to their families in North Korea (later in the film he angers several of his friends by allegedly cheating them and stealing their money). While both face difficult circumstances in recovering from trauma and adjusting to a new life, Seong-chul and Kyung-chol react to their situations quite differently. Seong-chul is extremely shy and submissive to authority. Throughout the film he's portrayed as a diligent worker, doing thankless tasks and accepting criticism stoically. Kyung-chul, by contest, has few moral scruples, attempting to steal a pair of pants and taunting Seong-chul.
The next night, Kyung-chul apologizes- and asks Seong-chul to retrieve the money he's hidden in Baek-gu's doghouse, reassuring him that its "honest money"; he then reveals his plan to go to America. Seung-chul agrees to help him, but says their friendship is over and "this will be my last favor." Entering his apartment that night, Seung-chul is assaulted and beaten by Kyung-chul's clients, who demand to know where he is so they can force him to pay them back. Seung-chul refuses to tell them. The next morning, he goes to church, where Young-sook invites him to join her in the choir; he agrees. That night, while working at the karaoke bar, he leaves his dog Baeuk-gu outside to wait, because his apartment is no longer safe; somehow Baek-gu gets off his leash, and during a break, Seong-chul finds his body in the street, run over by a car.
He is the second Korean, after shooter Lee Eun-chul, to compete at five Olympics.
Mayor or Mr. Otter "Voiced by": Park Chul-min (Korean), Christian Potenza (English)
Chul Hyun Ahn is a South Korean artist who works primarily with light.
Lee Kyu-Chul (born May 1, 1982) is a South Korean football player.