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yijun              jingyu              xiaoying              xiaoguang              zhiqing              jiali              jiayi              yongqing              fengyi              yunshan              xiufeng              jingming              yuting              haoran              jiajia              yuying              yuzhen              mingzhu              yuqing              yifeng              wenli              jiafu              xiaoyan              jingyan              xiaowei              jiaxi              yanping              dayou              huimin              zhiguang              nangong              hongli              yiting              xiaoxiao              hansheng              zizhong              xiaojun              xiaonan              tingyu              weicheng              zhixing              wenyi              yihe              zhimin              qiwei              xiwen              minwei              dongdong              xiaohong              guowei             

Examples of "chunhua"
Chunhua County is a county of Xianyang, Shaanxi, China.
Three years elapse. Yuehong and Chunhua are renowned in the city. Chunhua remains down-to-earth but Yuehong grows steadily more materialistic. Sick of having to sing opera for life, Yuehong rashly agrees to Tang's proposal, but Chunhua distrusts Tang and refuses to support Yuehong’s marriage plans. Unbeknownst to Yuehong, Tang already has a wife, and is keeping her as a mistress.
Qin Xiaogong twelve years (350 years ago), since the oak Yang Qin Yi (now Shaanxi Lintong northeast Wutun town) resettlement Xianyang, home thirty-one counties, Yunyang County is one of them, which is Chunhua history The earliest county. Three Weiming Emperor, the Sima Yi assistant, cancel Yunyang County. Song Chunhua four years (993 years), in the pear town (now Chunhua county) to build the county to repair the Tang Dynasty Liyuan old town for the county to Chunhua reign for the county name, is Yaozhou. Xuan and the first year (1119), zoned a state.
In 1935 a runaway "tongyangxi", Zhu Chunhua, takes refuge at an itinerant Yue Opera troupe performing at a Shaoxing village. The head of the troupe, A’Xin, intends to send the girl away, but Yue Opera teacher Xing, seeing her potential, takes Chunhua in as a disciple and trains her. Chunhua signs a deal with the troupe and becomes the performing partner (in a dan role) to the teacher’s daughter Yuehong, the latter performing as a xiaosheng.
Li Chunhua () is a Paralympian athlete from China competing mainly in category F37-38 discus throw events.
Liu left the entertainment industry in the 1990s to focus on business, but later returned to acting in the mid 2000s. One of her latest films was "Chunhua" (also titled "Plastic Flower", released in 2004), in which she played the titular role, Chunhua. She performed in a stage play, "The Last Night of Tapan Chin", in China and Taiwan from 2005 to 2008.
Chunhua’s works alert the KMT regime who gives Tang the task to ruin Chunhua's reputation. They get A’Xin to file a lawsuit against Chunhua and Manager Tang coerces Yuehong to testify against Chunhua, but at the crucial moment in the courtroom, Yuehong faints.
This Chinese television series concluded filming in 2007. It featured actors Nicholas Tse, Yuen Biao, Ji Chunhua, Sammo Hung and his youngest son, Sammy Hung.
In his later years, Sima Yi favoured his concubine Lady Bai (柏夫人) and started neglecting Zhang Chunhua. Once, when Sima Yi was ill, Zhang Chunhua visited him, and he said to her, "Old creature, your looks are disgusting! Why do you even bother to visit me?" Zhang Chunhua became angry and attempted to starve herself to death. Their sons did so too. Sima Yi was so shocked that he immediately apologised to his wife and reconciled with her. Sima Yi later secretly told someone, "It doesn't matter if that old creature died. I was actually worried about my boys!"
Chunhua Town () is a town in Changsha County, northeastern Hunan province, South Central China. It contains 12 villages and 1 community, and is located around east of the county seat, at the boundary region between Changsha County and Liuyang City. Bordering towns are Lukou to the east, Lukou to the west, and Huanghua to the southwest; Chunhua also borders Yong'an (永安镇) and Shashi (沙市镇) of Liuyang City.
A rich provincial landlord Ni invites Chunhua and Yuehong to sing at his house privately after the troupe reaches his province. He takes an interest in Yuehong; however, Yuehong and her father spurn his interest and as a result, Kuomintang cops forcibly seize Yuehong one day during a performance. Chunhua is also arrested and tied to a pillar for days as “public humiliation”. The two are released after Xing and A’Xin send bribes to the KMT cops.
During the Second Sino-Japanese War, Yuehong, Chunhua and the troupe go through hard times. In 1941, Teacher Xing dies of an illness, and troupe master A’Xin sells his two best performers to Tang, a Shanghai opera theater manager, on a three-year contract. Yuehong and Chunhua, now sworn sisters, rapidly become Tang’s biggest stars, causing Tang to forsake his aging star and former lover, Shang Shuihua.
One day faded ex-star Shang commits suicide by hanging herself backstage. Chunhua is incensed that Tang, her former lover, attempts to shirk his responsibilities by claiming he has nothing to do with her death. Through this episode, Chunhua gets to know a "radical" lady journalist Jiang, who advises her to become "progressive" to teach other Chinese to distinguish between truth and falsehood. She starts performing “progressive” operas like an adaptation of Lu Xun’s ‘’The New Year Sacrifice’’.
Hu Chunhua (; born April 1963) is a Chinese politician, regional official, and a member of the Communist Party's Politburo. He is the Communist Party Secretary of Guangdong province, the province's top political office.
Zhang Chunhua is first introduced as a playable character in the eighth instalment of Koei's "Dynasty Warriors" video game series. She also appeared in the Hong Kong comic series "The Ravages of Time" by Chan Mou.
Dong Chunhua (; born 4 August 1990 in China) is a Chinese baseball catcher for the Shanghai Eagles. He was a member of the China national baseball team in the 2009 World Baseball Classic.
Yuen also starred alongside Bryan Leung and Ji Chunhua in "Legend of Shaolin Kung-fu II: Thirteen Cudgel Monks", a series directed by Yuen Bun. It was edited down and released as "Kung Fu Master" in the United States.
Liu Chunhua was born in Tailai, Heilongjiang Province in 1944. He spent a majority of his childhood focused on art, he attended the Lu Xun Art Academy in Shenyang starting in 1959. In 1963 he entered the Central Industrial Arts Academy where he painted Chairman Mao en route to Anyuan, which has now been reproduced over 900 million times. After his graduation he worked as an editor at the Beijing Publishing House before he joined the Beijing Academy. In 1988, his painting was declared a cultural relic. Chunhua specializes in oil painting and Chinese painting.
Over a year later, in December 2014, the Hebei party committee again held a democratic life meeting, in which Zhou lamented his own inability to realize the goals of the anti-corruption campaign in Hebei province, because he was afraid of upsetting the balance of organizations he oversaw. Fellow provincial standing committee member Jing Chunhua commented, "comrade Benshun needs to practice more democracy when making policy decisions." Liang Bin said that "comrade Benshun needs to pay more attention to issues concerning officials." Jing Chunhua and Liang Bin both eventually fell under the axe of the anti-corruption campaign.
The film ends in 1950, one year after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. Chunhua prepares to perform "The White-Haired Girl" for country folks at Zhejiang. Tang has run off to Taiwan with the KMT cohort and Yuehong is quietly abandoned at Shaoxing province. Although Yuehong witnesses Chunhua’s drama, she is too ashamed to face her sworn sister again. Near a quay later the day, however, the sisters manage a tearful reunion. On the boat the following day, Yuehong vows to learn her lesson and walk the "correct" path while Chunhua dedicates her entire life to performing revolutionary operas.