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Examples of "churchbuilder"
Both Carney and Auerbach record with Nonesuch Records. In 2009, Carney joined the 9th annual Independent Music Awards judging panel to support independent musicians' careers. Carney has produced records for Beaten Awake, Houseguest, Churchbuilder, and The Black Keys. He is the founder of Audio Eagle Records.
According to the plan conceived by master churchbuilder Emil Steffann (1899–1968), the building was meant to serve as a bridgehead and a counterpoint to the castle over on the other side of the river. The execution of this work, which was simple yet marked by great quality, stands out quite strongly within the church. Saint Remaclus's stands as an exemplary conception in modern church building. It incorporates above all openness: for the liturgical implementation after the Second Vatican Council, and for the congregation around the altar. The cross-shaped space is surrounded by whitewashed brick walls, punctuated by great round windows. Mighty circular arches expand on the cross's three upper arms from the pews to the altar position before the deep-set apse. A huge wheel-shaped chandelier spreads over the pews and the chancel.