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paisiello              mercadante              leoncavallo              cilea              zandonai              boito              galuppi              spontini              mascagni              legrenzi              traetta              illica              amilcare              saverio              gualtiero              broschi              bononcini              pizzetti              ossia              vespri              porpora              ponchielli              abbandonata              piccinni              pergolesi              ruggero              jommelli              ulisse              goffredo              capuana              montecchi              secondo              mefistofele              cherubini              musicali              canti              ildebrando              pacini              gioacchino              pittore              malipiero              pippo              amanti              scipione              leopardi              lodovico              ottone              introduzione              amleto              giovacchino             

Examples of "cimarosa"
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Luigi Cherubini, Domenico Cimarosa, Giovanni Paisiello, etc.
with fine musicianship, excelling in the Rossini-Donizetti-Bellini repertory, but also in Mozart and Cimarosa.
The Chiaia Funicular serves four stations: Cimarosa Station, Palazzolo Station, Corso Vittorio Emanuele Station, and Regina Magherita Station. It primarily connects Piazza Vanvitelli, at the top of Vomero Hill, to Rione Amadeo. The line connects with Line 1 of the Naples Metro and the Central Funicular at Via Cimarosa, and with Line 2 at Via Regina Margherita. At Cimarosa the Chiaia is connected by a subway, permitting access to the metro without having to reach the street surface.
Luigia Miniucchi, "Il mondo di Tano Cimarosa. 50 anni di cinema italiano", By Bess Edizioni, 2006. 160 pages.
Domenico Cimarosa (; 17 December 1749, Aversa, Kingdom of Naples, now Province of Caserta – 11 January 1801, Venice) was an Italian opera composer of the Neapolitan school. He wrote more than eighty operas during his lifetime, including his masterpiece, "Il matrimonio segreto" (1792). Cimarosa also wrote numerous instrumental works, both secular and religious in nature.
His compositions include a skillfully written overture and recitatives to the opera "Il matrimonio segreto" by Cimarosa. Krushevsky was also a first-class piano accompanist.
A Sword for Brando (Italian: Una spada per Brando) is a 1970 Italian adventure film directed by Alfio Caltabiano and starring Riccardo Salvino, Karin Schubert and Tano Cimarosa.
L"a Cleopatra" (1789) is an opera seria in two acts by composer Domenico Cimarosa with an Italian libretto by F. Moretti.
Reflections in Black ( / "Vice Wears Black Hose") is a 1975 Italian giallo film directed by the actor Tano Cimarosa, here at his directorial debut.
Death Hunt () is a 1977 Italian "poliziottesco" film written and directed by Tano Cimarosa and starring Al Cliver and Ninetto Davoli.
He chairs the piano professorship in the Domenico Cimarosa State Conservatoire in Avellino and he is recording artist for Camerata Tokyo since 2010.
Giuranna composed works for stage, orchestra, chamber ensemble, chorus, violin, and piano. Giuranna also published arrangements of 18th-century music including Paisiello, Vivaldi and Cimarosa. Selected works include:
He died at his home in Via Cimarosa 25, Naples, which continues to be the headquarters of the "Roberto Murolo Foundation" (Fondazione Roberto Murolo).
Le stravaganze del conte (meaning The Eccentricities of the Count) is the first opera by Italian composer Domenico Cimarosa. The comic opera was first performed at the Teatro de' Fiorentini at Naples in 1772.
Rivoli was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. She was particularly associated with the operas of Daniel Auber, Domenico Cimarosa, Stanisław Moniuszko, and Carl Maria von Weber. She died, aged 58, in Warsaw.
By the 18th century, Naples was nicknamed the "conservatory of Europe" and was home and workshop to composers such as Alessandro Scarlatti, Pergolesi, Niccolò Piccinni, Domenico Cimarosa, Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, etc.
During the 17th and 18th centuries, the chapel was also used for musical activities, with the presence of masters such as Cimarosa, Paisiello, Francesco Provenzale Francesco Durante, Scarlatti and Charles Broschi.
In 1955, he inaugurated the Piccola Scala, where he conducted several revivals of 18th century works by composers such as Piccinni, Paisiello, Cimarosa, etc. He appeared with this company at the Edinburgh Festival in 1957.
Tano Cimarosa (1 January 1922 in Messina – 24 May 2008 in Messina) was an Italian actor, screenwriter and film director from Sicily. He participated in more than fifty movies.
Il ritorno di Don Calandrino (The Return of Don Calandrino), also known as Armidoro e Laurina, is an intermezzo in two acts by Domenico Cimarosa to an Italian libretto presumably written by Giuseppe Petrosellini.