Synonyms for cimpr or Related words with cimpr

tranferrin              bindingto              cubilin              abinding              homopentamer              sialomucin              hcdigs              homodimerizes              ifngr              rhamm              superfamilymember              sytxi              igfir              sirpalpha              coprotein              scimpr              cubulin              neurothelin              psgl              ifnar              lactadherin              counterstructure              flotillin              uparmyc              dystroglycan              glycophosphoprotein              proteinbinding              heteromerization              complexin              huepor              specificty              membranal              monoubiquitinated              gpiibiiia              cxcmotif              mesd              sumoylated              epor              alphafeto              hpsma              recptor              gpiv              holoreceptor              meprin              ephrina              areceptor              transmenbrane              rspsma              carcinoembryogenic              receptorfor             

Examples of "cimpr"