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Examples of "cjoy"
Robertson completed high school and continued to work at CJCS until he moved to CJOY in Guelph in 1954.
From the very start of the station, CJOY has been a vital part of the community. It provides live coverage of charity fundraisers, and 'on the spot' reporting of breaking news, weather, and sports. The station also sends out its CJOY Jeep Compass to do on-site, on-air live event coverage.
CIMJ-FM, or Magic 106.1, is a Canadian radio station based in Guelph, Ontario. Its sister station is CJOY.
CJOY is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting at 1460 AM in Guelph, Ontario. The station currently broadcasts an oldies format and is branded on-air as Greatest Hits 1460 CJOY. CJOY's sister station is CIMJ-FM. Both stations are owned by Corus Entertainment.
On August 21, 2008, CJOY applied to move from the AM dial to the FM dial on 95.7 MHz. This application to move from AM to FM was denied on January 23, 2009. On July 30, 2009, CJOY has yet again applied to convert to the FM dial, again at 95.7 MHz. CJOY's AM to FM application was once again denied on January 28, 2010.
Throughout the late 1950s and early 1960s various colleges at the University of Guelph produced a half-hour radio program for CJOY in a sound booth in the Massey Hall drama practice theatre.
In 1969 Room 102 of the Physical Sciences Building became a radio studio as Radio Gryphon began regular programming to cafeterias and student lounges through a closed circuit system. CJOY programming discontinued.
On July 26, 1972 CJOY-AM and FM received approval to move to new studios and offices at 75 Speedvale Avenue E where it continues to broadcast from today. In 1980, the transmitter site was updated and the FM station co-sited on the same property. The combined system uses three and one towers, designed by P.Eng George Mather. Only one other co-sited AM/FM site existed in Canada when this was done. On April 28, 1987 Kawartha Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (which was indirectly controlled by Paul Desmarais) purchased CJOY Ltd and the Galt Broadcsting Co. Ltd. (CJOY, CKLA-FM and by then AM96 Cambridge) from principals Wally Slatter and Fred Metcalf. Other partners in AM96 were Neil Stilman, Kay Metcalf, Nancy Slatter, Bill Dawkins and Larry Smith.
Wally Slatter and Fred Metcalf opened Guelph's first radio station CJOY, on June 14, 1948 on 1450 kHz with 250 watts power, non-directional with transmitter using one tower in Guelph Township, Wellington County.
In 2000, Corus Entertainment acquired the stations. In February 2001, Corus converted CKDO to its short-lived talk radio network (also consisting of CHML in Hamilton, CFPL in London, CKRU in Peterborough, CFFX in Kingston and CJOY in Guelph), but the station returned to the oldies format by the summer of that year.
Well-known broadcasting alumni of CJOY include Norm Jary, former Mayor of Guelph and broadcaster of New York Ranger Hockey, Gordie Tapp, Lloyd Robertson, Al Shaver, Bob Bratina, and Bob McAdorey. Bratina was on the air March 23, 1965 when the huge black-out occurred in North-Eastern North America. The station interrupted programming to provide emergency information, but the station manager insisted the commercials for the regular Italian Language program run as scheduled during the emergency broadcast.
The current owner is Corus Entertainment, who purchased the stations in 1999 from Power Broadcasting. The CRTC approved the deal on March 24, 2000. CJOY underwent major studio renovations in the fall of 2006 and the studios are completely digital. (AES 44.1 standard) The studio to transmitter radio link and processing was replaced with a digital system in early 2009, leaving only the exciter and transmitter as analog.
Shaver attended the Lorne Greene Academy of Radio and Television Arts in Toronto, graduating in 1948. He was a play-by-play announcer for radio and television stations in Guelph, Ontario (CJOY), Calgary, Alberta (CJCJ), Medicine Hat, Alberta (CHAT), Edmonton, Alberta (CFRN), Montreal, Quebec (CKGM), Windsor, Ontario (CKWW) and Toronto (CKEY) prior to becoming the North Stars' broadcaster in 1967 on WCCO Radio and later KSTP-AM and WAYL-AM.
On April 1, 1960, CJOY moved to 1460 kHz powered at 10,000 watts day and 5,000 watts night (full-time) from a new site on the south half of a Lot in Puslinch Township, Wellington County. This required the use of four 164 foot (overall height) towers. The station had originally proposed to move to 1430 kHz with 5,000 watts but it was decided that 1460 kHz would provide a better service.
Wally Slatter, co-founder of CJOY, died on June 2, 1995. Partner Fred Metcalf died in February 1996. They were also the founders of the first cable TV system in Canada called 'Neighborhood TV' in Guelph (1952). Fred's interests moved into the growing cable TV market expanding to twenty cable operations which he sold to Maclean Hunter Ltd. in 1967. He was president of that company between 1977 and 1984.