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Examples of "cladiella"
Cladiella elegantissima is a species of soft corals in the genus "Cladiella" from New Caledonia.
"T. elegans" also feeds on the Chinese octocoral "Cladiella krempfi", and it has been found that the unusual diterpenes present in that coral accumulate in the nudibranch's mantle.
His name is associated with a number of zoological species, such as "Pempheris klunzingeri", " Leiognathus klunzingeri", "Cladiella klunzingeri", "Dendronephthya klunzingeri", "Hypseleotris klunzingeri" and "Echinoecus klunzingeri".
Cladiella krempfi is a species of soft coral in the Alcyoniidae family. It is found in the western Indo-Pacific and was first described by the British zoologist Sydney John Hickson in 1919.
Klyxum is a genus of soft coral. They are commonly called cauliflower colt coral, or sometimes just colt coral. These common names can also refer to the related genus, Cladiella.
Cladiella australis is a species of soft coral in the Alcyoniidae family. It is found in the western Indo-Pacific. It is commonly known as the finger blanching soft coral because with the polyps extended it appears brown but when poked with a finger, the polyps retract into the leathery base tissue and the coral appears white.
Cladiella is a genus of soft corals native to the Indo-Pacific region. These corals are commonly known as colt corals or finger leather corals and are often kept in reef aquaria. They grow fast, have short rounded or conical lobes and are sticky to the touch owing to the production of much mucus. They are creamy or pale grey in colour. The polyps are fully retractable and give the colony a fluffy look when extended. They may be a contrasting green or brown hue.
The cladiellin family of marine natural products possess interesting molecular architecture, generally containing a 9-membered medium-sized ring. The synthesis of (−)-cladiella-6,11-dien-3-ol allowed access to a variety of other members of the cladiellin family. Notably, the conversion to cladiell-11-ene-3,6,7-triol makes use of macrocyclic stereocontrol in the dihydroxylation of a trisubstituted olefin. Below is shown the synthetic step controlled by the ground state conformation of the macrocycle, allowing stereoselective dihydroxylation without the usage of an asymmetric reagent. This example of substrate controlled addition is an example of the peripheral attack model in which two centers on the molecule are added two at once in a concerted fashion.